Due to COVID-19, NuGenTec now provides various bulk hand sanitizer options for essential industries and commercial use, with 95% of our orders shipping within 2-days. PPE products are coming soon.  Prices have been reduced on 2-oz, 8-oz, 16-oz, and 1-gallon sizes!

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NuGenTec,Chemical Company, is looking for Distillers to help supply Ethanol for Hand Sanitizers in California! We have two automated bottling lines waiting for ethanol to produce 8oz and 16oz gel type hand sanitizers. We are capable of thousands to tens of thousands per day, and the only thing we are running short on now is Ethanol.
Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have changed out some of our normal production of high-tech chemicals to supply this urgent demand the best we can during this crisis. We will begin production and shipping today of bulk hand sanitizers in 1-gallon and 5-gallon packaging. 8-oz and 16-oz gel bottles will be available early next week. 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes are also available to order now. NuRinse® Hand Sanitizer a high-quality product!
NuGenTec's NuWet DM33 contains no toxic chemicals listed under Prop 65 or SARA 313 and is perfect for electronic devices and medical devices.
NuGenTec's NuWash PB1 is the perfect first-stage cleaner for plastic bottle washing.
NuRinse LF12: The best semiconductor-grade precision cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and easy to use.
Synthetic, oil-free metalworking fluid is designed for stamping, punching, pressing, tapping, and drilling.
NuGenTec's NuBrite line of jewelry cleaners is the most cost-efficient solution for complete removal of polishing compounds, lapping compounds, and buffing compounds.
NuGenTec offers the lowest prices on high purity n-Heptane for plant extraction processes
Greases and oils are removed quickly with NuGenTec's Grease Cutter 2
NuRinse LF12 is perfect for a wide variety of precision spray, tank, and ultrasonic cleaning applications.
DOWFROST HD 50 is the improved and trusted heat transfer fluid for low-toxicity applications.
NuGenTec's Citra-Soy 3 uses naturally derived solvents to deliver powerful industrial cleaning capabilities.
AquaKlean EF7B is the perfect cleaner for hand-washing metals.
NuGenTec provides a range of nitric acid / hydrofluoric acid mixtures to prepare implantable medical devices.
The High Alkalinity Aluminum Cleaner and Etchant has arrived.
Restore the optimal thermal profile for reflow soldering with NuKlean Reflow Oven Cleaner.
Keep your vintage aircraft looking brand new with AeroKlean
NuGenTec's Clean-N-Clear is the effective, biodegradable solution for cleaning buildings.
FluoSolvⓇ WS and FluoSolvⓇ WSa are the cold-cleaning and aerosolized safer alternatives to TCE and nPB.
Read to find out how ultrasonic cleaning really works and whether agitation or ultrasonic cleaning is best.
Polishing slurry is easy to remove from disk drives with NuWet DM6701
Releasing refinery-quality oil from the sludge and sediment at the bottom of oil tanks increases output and revenue.
AquaKlean SC-HD provides a heavy duty clean and rust protection in one easy step.
Peat Sorb is the fastest, most environmentally friendly solution for cleaning oil spills and a wide array of chemicals.
NuSolv SOR-Aerosol is the patent-pending silicone oil, flux, and adhesive remover that is changing the market.
FluoSolv® EVD is the solvent of choice for vapor degreasing in Europe.
NuSolv AR 2v4 is a non-toxic adhesive remover that emits zero VOC's while removing the most tenacious adhesives.
NuGenTec leads the market in safer alternatives for etching and desmutting with NuEtch E3 and DeSmut NS3.
Burn-in boards can be rendered useless with repeated, high-stress use. Instead of replacing expensive burn-in boards, restore them and save costs with NuKlean BIB.
FluoSolv FR-110 is aerosolized to provide a cost-effective, convenient and safer alternative to dangerous blends such as Asahi AK-225 and nPB.
Iron phosphating complete with cleaning and corrosion protection in one step with NuKoat 55.
HydroTest 202 is a high foaming, 3-in-one hydrostatic testing fluid that identifies leaks quickly and at low cost.
NuLube Fin Stamp T is a cost-effective synthetic lubricant for fin stamping.
Create a paint-ready, corrosion-protected surface with NuKoat NRMF.
NuGenTec files patent for the removal of silicone. Read on to learn how NuGenTec's research and development methods ensure the most optimized solutions to the most difficult problems.
NuGenTec offers the lowest price on 710 Spirits - the high purity, untaxable solvent for botanical extractions.
NuGenTec MD1 is an oil-free metalworking fluid with superior lubricating and rust-prevention capabilities.
Silicone Oil Removal is made easy with NuGenTec's line of silicone oil removers, adhesives, uncured silicone conformal coatings, fluxes, pastes, organic residues, and greases from a multitude of surfaces. NuSolv SOR Series of Products is here to solve this problem and replace conventional costly technology that is in short supply or even allocation.
This article discusses the reasons why nitrates, silicates, and amines in corrosion inhibitors should not be in your corrosion inhibitor.
FluoSolv BA has better cleaning abilities and lower risks compared to widely-used, dangerous solvents.
AquaKlean MF1 delivers a low-moderate foam, alkaline clean, without the headaches of hazmat.
AquaKlean RP700 is the perfect, all-in-one metal cleaner and corrosion inhibitor.
n-Propyl Bromide has been found to host a range of adverse health effects. This article discusses those effects and safer alternatives to n-Propyl Bromide.
FluoSolv® CX is a non-hazardous, top-of-the-line vapor degreasing solvent and precision cleaner that acts as a drop-in replacement to dangerous chemicals like TCE and nPB.
NuGenTec's EP 316 is designed for medical device electropolishing. Read more to learn how EP 316 will give your medical devices perfectly smooth and clean finish.
Following public outcry, Minnesota legislators seek to ban TCE. FluoSolv® is chosen as a safer alternative.
Electropolishing ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, titanium alloys, Ti6Al4V and nitinol is easy with NuGenTec's EP NiTi.
This article explains the problem with using silicate in cleaners as well as alternatives to silicate.
Rust Removal is easy with Rust Remover and Rust Remover HD
NuGenTec now offers 200 Proof Ethanol for Botanical Extractions at the Lowest Price.
Read to learn 4 unexpected, at-home uses of Isopropyl Alcohol in addition to information about NuGenTec's special discounted bulk pricing on IPA 99%.
This article explains what a volatile organic compound is and why it's better to use products without them.
NuGenTec has been awarded a registered trademark in Canada
FluoSolv® CAS (Clean Air Solvent) is a certified South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Air Solvent. This article talks about volatile organic compounds, global warming compounds, ozone-depleting compounds, and hazardous air pollutants.
AquaKlean STC-HT is NuGenTec's heavy duty, high alkaline cleaner - perfect for spray cleaning and tank cleaning applications.
Aluminum Cleaning is Easy with NuGenTec's AquaKlean SUS.
FluoSolv® Ten-X is the safer alternative to nPB and TCE for vapor degreasing and cold-cleaning applications.
Adhesive removers are riddled with solvents that pose a threat to human health and our environment. NuGenTec has developed an adhesive remover that is amine free and has zero VOC's.
The FluoSolv® family of azeotropic performance solvents is safer and more effective than chemicals like nPB, TCE, and AK-225. This article explores what azeotropes are and how azeotropes work.
NuGenTec's NuTherm HC-50 is the perfect heat transfer fluid for low-temperature, closed systems.
FluoSolv® AM is a new, safer alternative to cold-cleaning solvent applications.
NuGenTec's NuFlo® DeScale 533 is the fastest and most efficient barium sulfate scale remover in the market.
After rigorous testing, FluoSolv® AP has been approved for Boeing as a BAC 5408 Vapor Degreasing Solvent. Read about the history of vapor degreasers and why companies like Boeing are seeking alternatives like FluoSolv® AP.
NuGenTec's NuFlo® DeScale 433 is the world's first product to dissolve barium sulfate scale in oil gas pipeline, flowlines, formations and tubulars.
Traditional parts washer solvents are highly hazardous and expose workers and the surrounding community to unnecessary health risks. NuGenTec has an alternative that cleans better, costs less, and is non-hazardous.
NuGenTec ends the metal cleaner debate concerning the pros and cons of a high alkaline cleaner versus a neutral cleaner.
AquaKlean SUS is the Drop-In Replacement for Brulin Formula 815 GD.
NuGenTec's NuStrip RH is a zero-VOC, amine-free stripper-debonder; eliminating occupational and environmental hazards while maintaining optimal performance.
Perez brings more than 30 years of petroleum industry experience to NuGenTec’s Oilfield Chemicals division.
NuGenTec is proud to announce that we have been awarded sustainable, environmentally responsible ISO 14001:2015 standard and the new quality management ISO 9001:2015.
NuGenTec, the manufacturer of FluoSolv™ vapor-degreasing solvents has now received approval for use of FluoSolv™ AP under specification BAC 5408 by Boeing Testing Services.
NuGenTec's new, non-toxic, VOC-free mixture of solvents is specially formulated to safely and effectively remove conformal coatings from PCBs.
The first aerosol product offered by NuGenTec, FluoSolv® BA is an effective, environmentally-safe replacement for numerous discontinued and/or toxic chemicals.
Eco-friendly, patent-pending descaler resolubilizes sulfur scale for easy removal from bubble towers, tanks, flowlines, pipelines, and other triazine-based H2S scavengers.
Air pollution control agency grants SuperGreen® CACC certification, one of the industry’s most stringent safety endorsements for cleaners.
Patent-pending descaler is the first and only product capable of removing barium sulfate and other challenging sulfate compounds created in oil production.
Nugeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) has launched a new FluoroSolv™ vapor degreasing solvent that is a proprietary azeotropic blend of hydrofluorocarbons, hydrofluoroether, and 1,2-trans-dichloroethylene.
Manufactured with low VOC-chemicals & no carcinogens, NuGenTec’s aerosol defluxing agent is the safest product of its kind on the market.
SuperGreen®, Eco-Friendly, liquid ALL PURPOSE BIODEGRADABLE DEGREASER is specifically formulated to remove dirt, grease and oil. SuperGreen® is biodegradable, non-toxic, highly effective, cost efficient, non-hazardous and concentrated. The eco-friendly solution is strong enough to tackle the toughest commercial and residential cleaning tasks. Your customers and you never have to sacrifice power again to be green..
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today the successful launch of an Ultra High Performance Elastomer (UHE). Kratos F22 elastomer has been developed and manufactured in USA to close the gap between FKM and FFKM in multiple applications.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today that its Gumlast™ L8015 O-ring kit has been successfully qualified in PEP Iridia plasma ash tool.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today that its Gumlast™ L8013 has been successfully qualified in temperature critical diffusion process. A major 200mm US semiconductor fab has qualified L8013 in a vertical diffusion process.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today that its Gumlast™ L8010 has been successfully tested in contamination critical CVD process. HP Lab research tested Gumlast™ L8010 in roughing pump isolation valve during Chemical Vapor Deposition of Germanium and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) thin films.
The partnership with Sun & Earth and East Coast Liquid Filling (ECLF) in Philadelphia reflects NuGenTec’s years of research and development efforts on industrial chemical solutions and strategic collaborations, with a variety of leading organizations in the high-tech business communities.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today their first bulk manufacturing of Bond-X Green® on the West Coast.
Gumlast™ L8015 has been successfully benchmarked against Chemraz® E38 at Lam Research Corporation. Gumlast™ L8015 100% pure FFKM and is manufactured in the U.S.A. Utilizing the latest cross-linking and reinforcement techniques.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced (September 08, 2009) that it's Gumlast™ L8010 has been successfully benchmarked against Kalrez® 6375 at Chevron Richmond refinery. Gumlast™ L8010 is 100% pure FFKM and is manufactured in the U.S.A.
NuGeneration Technologies announced today that an agreement was reached to market very low cost perfluoroelastomer manufactured under the trade name Gumlast®.