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We want to assure our customers that this announcement will not affect NuGenTec’s supply of FluoSolv products. We currently do not have supply issues with any 3M materials and will continue to produce FluoSolv products as scheduled. We are also planning to incorporate new technologies that we are excited to offer our FluoSolv customers during this phase-out time. In addition, NuGenTec will be offering drop-in replacements to Novec HFE-7100, Novec-7200, Novec-7700, carrier fluids, among other popular 3M products.
Effective January 2023, NuGenTec is no longer supplying FluoSolv® or NuGenTec® water-based chemicals to Ecolink. We have terminated their distribution of our products. For additional information, please email fluosolv@nugentec.com
Peat Sorb is the fastest, most environmentally friendly solution for cleaning oil spills and a wide array of chemicals. Absorbs oils and hydrocarbons safely without harmful Silica. Post Update Oct 3, 2021.
NuGenTec,Chemical Company, is looking for Distillers to help supply Ethanol for Hand Sanitizers in California! We have two automated bottling lines waiting for ethanol to produce 8oz and 16oz gel type hand sanitizers. We are capable of thousands to tens of thousands per day, and the only thing we are running short on now is Ethanol.
Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have changed out some of our normal production of high-tech chemicals to supply this urgent demand the best we can during this crisis. We will begin production and shipping today of bulk hand sanitizers in 1-gallon and 5-gallon packaging. 8-oz and 16-oz gel bottles will be available early next week. 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes are also available to order now. NuRinse® Hand Sanitizer a high-quality product!
NuGenTec's NuWet DM33 contains no toxic chemicals listed under Prop 65 or SARA 313 and is perfect for electronic devices and medical devices.
NuGenTec's NuWash PB1 is the perfect first-stage cleaner for plastic bottle washing.
NuRinse LF12: The best semiconductor-grade precision cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and easy to use.
Synthetic, oil-free metalworking fluid is designed for stamping, punching, pressing, tapping, and drilling.
NuGenTec's NuBrite line of jewelry cleaners is the most cost-efficient solution for complete removal of polishing compounds, lapping compounds, and buffing compounds.
NuGenTec offers the lowest prices on high purity n-Heptane for plant extraction processes
Greases and oils are removed quickly with NuGenTec's Grease Cutter 2
NuRinse LF12 is perfect for a wide variety of precision spray, tank, and ultrasonic cleaning applications.
DOWFROST HD 50 is the improved and trusted heat transfer fluid for low-toxicity applications.
NuGenTec's Citra-Soy 3 uses naturally derived solvents to deliver powerful industrial cleaning capabilities.
AquaKlean EF7B is the perfect cleaner for hand-washing metals.
NuGenTec provides a range of nitric acid / hydrofluoric acid mixtures to prepare implantable medical devices.
The High Alkalinity Aluminum Cleaner and Etchant has arrived.
Restore the optimal thermal profile for reflow soldering with NuKlean Reflow Oven Cleaner.
Keep your vintage aircraft looking brand new with AeroKlean
NuGenTec's Clean-N-Clear is the effective, biodegradable solution for cleaning buildings.
FluoSolvⓇ WS and FluoSolvⓇ WSa are the cold-cleaning and aerosolized safer alternatives to TCE and nPB.
Read to find out how ultrasonic cleaning really works and whether ag