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March 13, 2020

Regulation-Ready, Alkaline, Aqueous Cleaner for Medical Devices and Electronic Devices

NuGenTec’s NuWet DM33 is suited to the specific needs of the electronics and medical device industries. 

NuWet DM33 quickly removes polishing compounds and machining fluids from the following surfaces:
  • Plated surfaces
  • Glass
  • Silicon]
  • GAAs
  • Polymers
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel.

High Grade Raw Materials & No Prop 65 or SARA 313 Ingredients

NuWet DM33 does not contain any of the toxic compounds listed under Prop 65 or SARA 313, thus improving working conditions. NuWet DM33 is also completely biodegradable and is easily disposed, thus reducing costs associated with disposal.

Additionally, NuWet DM33 is formulated to extend bath life with no chelates and the highest grade raw materials. Deionized water for NuWet DM33 is tested to 18 mOhm and additionally filtered before manufacturing. 

Excellent Cleaning Properties for Medical Devices & Electronic Devices

NuWet DM33 is designed to clean quickly, efficiently, and completely. The excellent wetting properties of the DM33 surfactant blend easily emulsify the most difficult to remove polishing compounds and machining fluids. Additionally, NuWet DM33 can be rinsed quickly to keep medical device and electronic device processes moving at optimal speeds.

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