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Immersion Cleaners

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Aqueous Immersion Cleaning with Industrial Degreasers

Aqueous immersion cleaning is an ultrasonic cleaning process where an ultrasonic cleaning degreaser is used to clean industrial parts. The parts to be cleaned are dipped in an ultrasonic cleaning surfactant solution which covers the entire surface of the part. Aqueous immersion cleaning and ultrasonic degreasing is preferred for parts that must be placed in baskets, or for processes that require a long ultrasonic degreaser soaking time. The need for a longer exposure to an ultrasonic cleaning detergent is often due to the type of contamination to be removed, or the shape of the parts needing the ultrasonic cleaning. Aqueous immersion cleaning with industrial degreasers is the most effective method for cleaning or treating a part. NuGenTec’s industrial degreasers and ultrasonic cleaning detergents are the perfect products for your aqueous immersion and ultrasonic cleaning needs.


Methods for Using Ultrasonic Cleaning Degreasers


Using soaking as an ultrasonic cleaning method is the least aggressive ultrasonic cleaning method. This method is most effective when the part is soaked in ultrasonic degreaser for longer periods of time.

Fluid Agitation

This ultrasonic cleaning method acts like a dishwasher with constant movement of the ultrasonic cleaning surfactant. This ultrasonic degreasing method is quicker than that of soaking.

Lift Platform Fluid Agitation

This ultrasonic cleaning method is the result of constant vertical movement of the parts through the ultrasonic cleaning detergent. This ultrasonic degreasing method is used for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications and Industries

  • Automotive
  • Sporting
  • Marine
  • Printing
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Weapons Industries
  • And more

Non-Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning

Non-aqueous cleaning is a cleaning process that does not involve any liquid or water based industrial degreasers. There are many different non-aqueous ultrasonic cleaning methods that are available, some of which include:
  • Low Pressure
  • Elevated Temperature HF Vapor Cleaning
  • Cryogenic Aerosol cleaning
  • Supercritical CO2 Cleaning
  • Pinpoint Dry Cleaning

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