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3M® & Novec® are registered trademarks of 3M (MMM) Corporation.
FluoSolv® has a few news announcements to report, and they are both here:
NuGenTec response to 3M Announcement of exit from PFAS
2- NuGenTec Distributor Announcement

FluoSolv® Specialty Fluids product line is designed for precision vapor-degreasing applications that require a relatively low-boiling solvent.  FluoSolv products are azeotropic blends of fluorinated solvents, which make the solvents non-toxic, non-flammable as well as non-ozone depleting.  Most FluoSolv solvent blends have a very low global warming potential.

We have drop-in and long-term, non-PFAS, alternatives to many of 3M's HFE based product line from Carrier Fluids, Vapor-degreasing Fluids, Cold Cleaners, Chiller Fluids, and Heat Exchanger Fluids.  

3M Novec Products we can Replace
3M® Novec® Product FluoSolv Replacement
3M Novec 7100 FluoSolv 7100 & FluoSolv FIS
3M Novec 71DA FluoSolv 71DA
3M Novec 71DE FluoSolv 71DE
3M Novec 71IPA FluoSolv 71IPA
3M Novec 7200 FluoSolv 7300 & FluoSolv FIS
3M Novec 72DA FluoSolv 72DA
3M Novec 72DE FluoSolv 72DE
3M Novec 7300 FluoSolv 7300 & FluoSolv FIS
3M Novec 73DE FluoSolv 73DE

Contact us at 888-996-8436 or email: FluoSolv@nugentec.com (Fluosolv@3m-novec-replacements.com), or fill our Contact us or RFQ form here.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.