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NuGeneration Technologies is a global specialty chemical company with demonstrated expertise in its fundamental competencies in developing and manufacturing superior quality chemical solutions.  Focusing on eco friendly cleaning products and as a bulk chemical supplier. We strive to provide "Best Value" while emphasizing customer service. At NuGenTec we bring a "can-do" philosophy to the table. Need a custom formulation, package size, expedited shipping or technical support? We "Can-Do it"!  NuGenTec is continuously developing  environmental cleaning products and chemical preparations.


NuGeneration Technologies supplies customers in high-tech, medical device, biotech / pharma and industrial industries. In particular in the disk drive, semiconductor, read-write head, precision optics, fiber optic, aerospace, and biotech / pharma industries. The company, founded in 1997, has its headquarters and R&D Labs in Emeryville, CA. In 2005 NuGenTec expanded its manufacturing capabilities by separating high tech products to their own facility with class 100 clean room for blending and packaging.  This Facility remains near the company's headquarters in California.  To meet our expanding customer base across North America we have added two more blending and distribution locations strategically across the USA.  With facilities in Northern California, Texas, and Philadelphia, PA we are able to supply our wide customer base in a more timely manner while reducing shipping costs.

NuGeneration Technologies produces over 600 products and develops solutions for our customers based on our inherent strength in science and technology. Our business approach and philosophy is centered on total process integration through specialty formulated chemistries. By supporting our customers' developments we eliminate process limitations and meet the specific requirements that allow them to succeed.      

NuGeneration Technologies employees include highly qualified and experienced chemists. Our management team is dedicated to the innovation of new products and new processes with over 150 years of experience in the specialty chemistry industry. We believe that our technical capabilities, our direct working knowledge of our customer's needs and our team are the keys to our success.

Our Company is focused on reducing chemical exposure to employees in manufacturing industries and the environment.  We are constantly looking and moving towards safer and "greener" technologies.  We are currently developing and working with the USDA's BioPreferred Program to develop and market "greener" / eco friendly cleaning products for all industries.  

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