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Vapor Degreasing for Metals

  • Opentop

Cleaning and degreasing metal parts prior to welding, brazing, plating or any other high-reliability process steps requires a mission-critical surface-prep of the metal parts.  Simply put, the surface has to be oil and residue free at sub-micron levels for 100% yields. FluoSolv® CX, FluoSolv® AP and FluoSolv® Ten-X are engineered for just this demanding task of removing particulates, fingerprints, dust-particles and microscopic oil, lubricant and wax residues.  

Unlike TCE and nPB, NuGenTec FluoSolv® vapor-degreasing blends have the ability to wet the parts completely & thoroughly due to the fact the proprietary fluorinated fluids present in the FluoSolv® CX, FluoSolv® AP and FluoSolv® Ten-X have a high-density, low viscosity and low surface-tension thus removing sub-micron soils easily.  The trans-dichloroethylene provides excellent solubility to most machining oils and metalworking lubricants & greases.

For applications that fall under precision cleaning & vapor-degreasing where parts have plastic or elastomers in them, it is recommended that FluoSolv® CX-500 be used due to its excellent compatibility for plastics and polymeric materials.  FluoSolv® CX-500 is a non-ozone depleting solvent blend that is drop-in replacement for Asahi AK-225 which is an hydrochlorofluorocarbon(HCFC) which have been banned from production and use since Jan 1, 2015.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.