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FluoSolv Specialty Fluids

FluoSolv has a few news announcements to report, and they are both here:
NuGenTec response to 3M Announcement of exit from PFAS
2- NuGenTec Distributor Announcement

FluoSolv® Specialty Fluids product line is designed for precision vapor-degreasing applications that require a relatively low-boiling solvent.  FluoSolv products are azeotropic blends of fluorinated solvents, which make the solvents non-toxic, non-flammable as well as non-ozone depleting.  Most FluoSolv solvent blends have a very low global warming potential.

Drop-in Replacement for TCE & nPB

Field testing and lab evaluations have shown that two solvent blends from the FluoSolv Vapor-Degreasing product line i.e. FluoSolv® CX and FluoSolv® Ten-X, perform very well as substitutes for n-propyl bromide (nPB) & trichloroethylene (TCE). In fact, both the FluoSolv® solvent blends, when used in large vapor-degreasers, have shown a 30% increase in production throughput rate due to the fact that the FluoSolv® CX and FluoSolv® Ten-X have a lower boiling point vs nPB & TCE and parts dry out faster.  
For those requiring a Boeing-approved product to BAC 5408, our FluoSolv® AP is the product of choice for your vapor degreasing needs.  FluoSolv® CAS is our Zero VOC, Clean Air Solvent, certified by SCAQMD.

FluoSolv® AP, FluoSolv® CASFluoSolv® CX and FluoSolv® Ten-X - Safer Alternatives
Trichloroethylene is a hazardous air pollutant (HAP) and chemically unstable when exposed to continuous boiling as in a vapor-degreasing process. Similarly, n-propyl bromide is also chemically unstable, in addition to the fact that it has human carcinogenicity associated with it.