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March 7, 2023

March 7th, 2023


Re: NuGenTec response to 3M Announcement of exit from PFAS


To Our Valued FluoSolv Customers,


We want to address the recent announcement made by 3M in regard to the discontinuation of their manufacturing and involvement with PFAS beginning at the end of 2025. 3M has announced they intend on fulfilling their contractual obligations to current customers to supply all molecules. 3M’s announcement can be found here: 



We want to assure our customers that this announcement will not affect NuGenTec’s supply of FluoSolv products. We currently do not have supply issues with any 3M materials and will continue to produce FluoSolv products as scheduled. We are also planning to incorporate new technologies that we are excited to offer our FluoSolv customers during this phase-out time. In addition, NuGenTec will be offering drop-in replacements to Novec HFE-7100, Novec-7200, Novec-7700, and carrier fluids, among other popular 3M products. 


We remain committed to driving solutions for our customers and are willing to answer any questions at this time. Contact your FluoSolv representative for any additional questions or information.


Your FluoSolv team can always be contacted at fluosolv@nugentec.com 

Thank you for your continued business,

Ashley Mrva

Director of Operations