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Silicone Oil Removal Replace Hexamethyldisiloxane

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Silicone grease or oil is a waterproof industrial lubricant used to preserve rubber parts and as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for metal parts. Industrial silicone adhesives are also used to seal and bond metal, glass, plastic, wood, and other materials. Since silicone grease and adhesives are waterproof, they can be difficult to remove and often requires the use of an industrial cleaner or solvent.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

NuGeneration Technologies’ NuSolv SOR Series of products is a non-toxic, azeotropic mixture of silicone cleaning solvents used to remove both silicone oils & adhesives, silicone conformal coatings, fluxes, pastes, organic residues, and greases from a multitude of surfaces, including conformal coating application nozzles.  The NuSolv SOR Product Series is effective in removing silicone soils in fewer than two minutes when used at ambient temperatures - a job that takes other solvent mixtures upwards of 45 minutes to remove.

Our silicone Oil Removers replace Dow Corning® OS-10, Dow Corning OS-20, Dow Corning OS-30, Dow Corning OS-50 also now under the Dowsil tradename which is owned by Dow Chemical Corporation and the Microcare VeriClean No-Clean Flux Remover name.  These Products are also drop-in replacements for Clearco's PSF series of Hexamethyldisiloxane. 
NuSolv silicone cleaning solvents are ozone-safe volatile methylsiloxane (VMS) fluids explicitly developed for use as precision cleaning agents and carrier fluids.  All our products are readily available and in stock, unlike most other products for cleaning silicone oils.

Silicone Oil Removers for Safer and More Effective Cleaning

NuSolv SOR silicone cleaning solvent was formulated to be used at both ambient temperatures for cold-cleaning applications as well as at elevated temperatures for vapor phase cleaning.  Our silicone cleaner and surface prep formulas contain a mixture of solvents, allowing for effective removal of a wide variety of soils and coatings.  NuSolv SOR includes no VOC’s or toxic solvents, making it the intelligent choice for worker safety, and the environment.  
Traditional silicone oil and adhesive removal solutions require a mixture of halogenated solvents and extremely low or high pH additives to “activate” the solution and break siloxane bonds.  This aggressive approach can easily damage part components and discolor surfaces. NuSolv SOR will not harm part components or surfaces and works through dissolution and is an effective and cost competitive replacement for Dow Corning OS-10 when used in cleaning applications.

Silicone Remover Solvent Products for Cleaning and Surface Prep

We offer four silicone cleaner and surface prep products to accommodate different cleaning requirements. Liquid silicone remover solvents are typically used in ultrasonic tanks to clean several parts at once. Our line also includes aerosol silicone cleaning solvents, which are best for use at the end of a production line for spot-cleaning or “spray and wipe” applications requiring a small amount of residue removal.
NuGenTec offers NuSolv/NuWet SOR Series of products at better performance, price, and availability to our competition.  Customers have also reported that our products clean more effectively and last significantly longer than other silicone remover solvents.

Silicone Cleaning Solvent Features and Product Replacement Details

  • SOR replaces Dowsil OS-10 by Dow Corning
  • SOR replaces Microcare VeriClean No Clean Flux Remover
  • SOR Aerosol replaces Dowsil OS-10 by Dow Corning
  • SOR Aerosol replaces Microcare VeriCle