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Conversion Coating & Rust Protection

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Corrosion inhibitors include conversion coatings and rust inhibitors applied to metal surfaces to prevent rust. These chemicals offer rust protection by coating or altering the surface of metals to seal out moisture and improve coating adhesion. Corrosion protection is typically used during product storage and before painting or finishing to improve the longevity of metal parts.
NuGenTec’s conversion coating and rust protection products are specially designed for superior performance in all applications. Our corrosion protection formulas are low odor, easy to use and provide a safer, eco-friendlier alternative to harsh chemicals. We offer a variety of formulas, including phosphate conversion coatings (Iron Phosphate), water-soluble rust inhibitors, and water displacing rust inhibitors that provide temporary indoor and long-term rust protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

 Conversion Coatings for Surface Preparation & Corrosion Protection

Conversion coatings are primer chemicals that alter the surface of a metals, like iron and steel, to create a superficial molecular layer that helps improve paint adhesion by converting the metal cubic structure to an amorphous one, thereby improving adhesion of amophour coatings like paints and enamels, etc. These chemical coatings also provide rust protection by preventing painted or coated surface from allowing corrosion to undercut the coatings. 

Iron Phosphate Conversion Coatings