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Scale Inhibitor

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Pipelines, valves, wells, and pumps are prone to the formation of carbonate and sulfate scales. These scales consist of solid calcium carbonate and sulfate deposits that accumulate over time. As the layer of deposits thickens, it reduces the pipeline diameter and eventually creates blockages that interfere with fluid movement and restrict flow reducing production or in worst cases stopping production altogether.
Removing scale buildup from oilfield water systems takes several hours and results in costly equipment shutdown. Preventing buildup with a scale inhibitor is an effective way to keep oil processing systems clean and minimize equipment downtime.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

Scale inhibitors are chemicals that adhere to the interior surface of oil processing system components to delay and prevent scale deposition. They prevent scale formation by continuously pumping small concentrations of scale inhibitor through the oil processing system to increase the solubility of inorganic salts and prevent particles from depositing on surfaces.

High-Performance Scale Inhibitors Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Scale inhibitors from NuGenTec offer the same or better effectiveness as harsh chemicals but in an environmentally friendly formula. Our broad-spectrum, water-soluble oilfield scale inhibitors are proven to be effective at increasing the water solubility of Carbonate, Sulphate, and Iron Sulfide salts and inhibiting the growth of NORM rich scales.
Most scale inhibitors on the market only work on one type of scale, requiring the use of different products to achieve the desired results.  NuGenTec’s oilfield scale inhibitor includes nine different ingredients and is formulated to handle multiple types of scales, providing superior scale inhibition in wells, pipelines, and other components.
Our carbonate scale inhibitors, iron sulfide scale inhibitors, and sulfate scale inhibitors work at concentrations as low as 5ppm, compared to other products used at minimum concentrations of 25-50ppm and in many cases>100ppm. Using lower concentrations saves money in the long run.
For additional specifications and safety information, read the scale inhibitor TDS and MSDS sheets below. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your scale inhibition requirements.

Carbonate, Iron Sulfide, and Sulfate Scale Inhibitors for Oil Field Brines

Our NuFlo SIC-30 Scale Inhibitor prevents several types of carbonate and sulfate scales and remains stable at temperatures up to 450°F. This formula is highly effective in controlling Barium Sulphate and Iron Hydroxide, as well as dispersing colloids and fine particles such as clay. Oilfield scale inhibitors from NuGenTec provide several benefits, including:
  • Solubility in freshwater, high calcium waters, and high TDS brine
  • 0% volatiles by volume
  • Works in concentrations as low as 5ppm

Cleaning Your Processing System Before Using Oilfield Scale Inhibitors

It is important to note that scale inhibitors do not remove existing scales; they only prevent new scales from forming. All existing scales must be cleaned from the well, pump, and pipeline surface. After cleaning, pump the scale inhibition solution through the system using the proper dilution ratio.
NuGenTec offers several descalers that provide a safer and more effective alternative to other products on the market. Our oil and gas descalers work in cold temperatures and dissolve all types of water scale and lime. We recommend using the following products to descale your pipeline and well before using our oilfield scale inhibitor:

Request a Quote for Safe and Effective Scale Inhibitors

NuGenTec provides eco-friendly scale inhibition products formulated to be more effective than harsher chemicals on the market. Request a quote for an oilfield scale inhibitor or contact us with additional product questions.