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Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

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Hydrogen sulfide occurs in approximately 40% of all wells and the amount of H2S appears to increase as the well grows older. Proper treatment selection is predicated on identifying the type of corrosion and the contributory factors, i.e. CO2 levels, O2 levels, etc. NuFlo™ H2 helps to remove this H2S problem in an economic way. NuGenTec's line of Hydrogen Sulfide scavengers reduce H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and mercaptanes in sour gas or crude oil. Used in chemical processes for the purification of crude oil or gas “sweetening.”

NuGenTec’s NuFlo™ H2S Scavengers Features:
  • Remove low H2S concentrations economically
  • Eliminate safety risks
  • Reduce corrosion problems
  • Meet natural gas sales specifications
  • H2S is converted to non-hazardous compounds that are easily disposed of. The reaction is instant and irreversible and has no effect on oil or gas quality.
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  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

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