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Industrial PPE & Wholesale Hand Sanitizer

Got PPE?

The last thing businesses and institutions need to worry about is running out of PPE, hand sanitizer, or disinfectants. As places start to open for business again and capacity restrictions loosen, staff will need to be even more diligent about keeping areas clean and sanitized. Purchasing PPE products, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer in bulk helps you save money and ensures you always have adequate supplies in stock.

    New Nov 2021: Siriphan 28 Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves   Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

Wholesale PPE Products & Disposable Sanitation Wipes

NuGenTec supplies wholesale PPE products to hospitals, clinics, schools, and other institutions. Most of our products are developed and manufactured in the U.S. to cut lead times and expedite shipping. We also source products from trusted suppliers dedicated to fast delivery. Our company is dedicated to quality and providing eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products to medical and industrial users.

Disposable Sanitation & Disinfectant Wipes

Our sanitation and disinfectant wipes are better for the environment and come in three different formulas. EPA-approved, bleach-based wipes are ideal for hospital and clinic settings. Our hydrogen peroxide formula wipes are gentler on surfaces but effective at kill