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Peat Sorb is the world’s leading, environmentally friendly oil absorbent product. Grown and processed in Canada, Peat Sorb is a modified Sphagnum Peat Moss that has been dehydrated and cured through a proprietary process. Peat Sorb absorbs oil and other toxic contaminants on contact and is effective for both land or water.

Unique Characteristics

Peat Sorb is the world’s leading oil absorbent product designed to contain and clean oil/hydrocarbon spills with its unique properties. Peat Sorb is a modified, activated peat product with a moisture content of approximately 10%. Our proprietary drying and curing process creates a finished oil spill clean-up product that repels water and absorbs hydrocarbons on contact. Peat Sorb is non-leaching, and the hydrocarbons that are absorbed by Peat Sorb, are permanently captured until they biodegrade. Peat Sorb is effective at absorbing a full range of hydrocarbons including crude oil, refined crude oil products, chemicals, resins, and PCB’s. In an oil spill clean-up, once the oil has been absorbed, the oil-laden Peat Sorb can be easily disposed and is typically either landfilled or burned as a fuel source. The product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, silica-free and is easy to apply (manually or mechanically). Peat Sorb is also lightweight, easy to handle, non-abrasive (will not harm metal equipment), vapor suppressive and cost-effective. Peat Sorb has been tested in independent laboratories and meets the requirements of the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure, the Paint Filter Test, and the Liquid Release Test.

Reactive “Spill Response” Applications

  • Used for environmental encapsulation of oil and other hydrocarbon contaminants
  • Effective for oil spill remediation on land in all types of ground conditions including sand, dirt, and soil with or without vegetation
  • Effective for oil spill remediation in salt or fresh water

Usage Instructions

Depending upon the spill size, Peat Sorb is either applied manually or mechanically and spread over the contaminated area. Start by using ⅓ of a cubic meter of Peat Sorb for every square meter of contaminated area. Till or mix the Peat Sorb and oil in the contaminated soil or spread over water. If the Peat Sorb and oil mixture is black, add more Peat Sorb to the surface and re-mix until the color turns light brown. On average, one PSC8 bale (3.8 ft3 - compressed) of Peat Sorb will remediate and absorb approximately one barrel of crude oil. This is about 1lb of Peat Sorb to 1 US gallon of oil. Once the oil has been absorbed by Peat Sorb, the encapsulated Peat Sorb and oil can be disposed of in a landfill. The encapsulated oil will not leach and will biodegrade over time. If desired, the biodegradation process can be accelerated with the application of a nitrogen-derived fertilizer or microbes. Alternatively, once it has absorbed oil, Peat Sorb can be burned and used a fuel source. The product is certifiably incinerable and carries a BTU value of approximately 15,500 BTU per pound with encapsulation.