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Welcome to our online store. We have a selection of products for general purpose applications that can be purchased here.

NuGenTec’s FluoSolv aerosol defluxing solvent and SuperGreen degreaser and ultrasonic cleaner are safe, powerful alternatives to the usual harsh chemicals. Our FluoSolv and SuperGreen formulas are effective, economical, and eco-friendly.  The AquaKlean SUS was formulated to provide improved removal of particulates and organics while providing reduced residues, and fast rinsing.

All of the FluoSolv and SuperGreen products listed below are available for purchase online, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions NuGenTec's for ultrasonic cleaners, degreasers, and defluxing solvents.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

Defluxing Solvent

Flux and flux activator are common tools used in soldering for PCBs and other sensitive electronic components. The soldering process often produces flux residue, trace amounts of flux and/or flux activator that were not fully  volatized  from the surfaces of the soldered components. Flux residue is often  acidic,  and can react with moisture when  voltage  is applied to the circuit and cause electromigration and electrical current leakage, among other problems.

As circuitry continues to get smaller and more complex, flux residue is becoming more and more of an issue. Flux removers, also known as  defluxing  solvents, are formulated to effectively eliminate all traces of flux and flux residue that may remain in, on, or around electrical circuitry.


A degreaser is a cleaning agent that is specially formulated to remove grease from a surface. From simply soaking the workpiece in degreaser fluid for an extended period to using  high temperature  vapor degreasing to clean surfaces with degreaser vapors, there are multiple ways to use degreasers to clean parts. In some degreasing applications, the degreaser fluid can be recaptured and recycled for future use.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes ultrasound waves, transmitted through specialized cleaning solvents, to remove very fine contaminants from workpiece surfaces. The  high frequency   soundwaves  create millions of microscopic cavitation bubbles that gently scrub away unwanted materials, one particle at a time. This process is used to clean everything from electronic circuits and optical lenses to jewelry, surgical instruments, and coins.

Ultrasonic cleaning solution (or ultrasonic cleaner) is a special liquid that contains detergents, wetting agents, and other components that help clean treated parts. Multiple variations of ultrasonic cleaner are available, each specially formulated for use with a specific material or to remove a particular type of contaminant.
NuGenTec offers SuperGreen® ultrasonic cleaner, SuperGreen® degreaser, and FluoSolv® non-foaming aerosol flux removers for sale online. See individual product listings below for additional information and specifications. Order now, request a quote or contact us to learn more.

FluoSolv® BA Aerosol Defluxing Solvent & Degreaser

A drop-in replacement for n-propyl bromide, Honeywell Solstice, and similar defluxing solvents, FluoSolv® BA uses a proprietary blend of safer, gentler chemicals for effective flux and white residue removal. It can also be used as a substitute for now-discontinued Asahi AK-225 (HCFC-225 ca/cb) and HCFC-141b solvents. FluoSolv BA® is a pH-neutral solution, contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, and has low global warming potential (GWP) and low toxicity. Combining excellent chemical solvency with high density, low surface tension, and low viscosity, it provides fast and effect cleaning of metals, ceramics, and other non-conducting materials.

FluoSolv® D-Flux Aerosol Defluxing Solvent

Designed for spray-and-wipe flux removal applications, FluoSolv® D-Flux is a drop-in replacement for n-propyl bromide, Honeywell Solstice, and similar defluxers. Non-foaming and pH-neutral this defluxing solvent is powerful enough to remove not just flux residue, but also oil, dirt, and carbon deposits from all types of surfaces.

SuperGreen® Concentrate – New “Green” Formula

Ready-to-use SuperGreen® Concentrate is a unique, eco-friendly all-purpose degreaser that will safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants. Safe for use on a range of surfaces, including glass, countertops, chrome, stainless steel, mirrors, and more. SuperGreen® contains no VOCs or known hazardous materials, making it one of the safest degreaser formulas on the market. It is powerful, cost-efficient, and biodegradable, and will not harm sewage treatment microorganisms.

SuperGreen® Precision Ultrasonic Cleaner

Specially formulated for heavy duty industrial tank, spray, and ultrasonic cleaning applications, SuperGreen® Precision is made with safe, non-toxic/non-VOC chemicals to reduce combustibility, toxic odors, and atmospheric and environmental pollution. This eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaner effectively removes soils, grease, shop oils, inks, carbonaceous deposits, metalworking fluids, and other contaminants from a variety of metal surfaces. It is biodegradable, low foaming, and recyclable for reuse.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in Cleaning Agents

VOCs are chemicals that are released or “off-gassed” into the ambient atmosphere. When inhaled, VOCs can cause numerous health problems, and these hazards increase in severity over time: after just a few hours, you may experience headaches, eye/nose/throat irritation, and nausea; over a lifetime, VOCs can cause cancer or permanent liver, kidney, or nervous system damage. It is best to avoid VOCs entirely; however, many common chemicals, cleaners, and compounds contain VOCs, including certain paints, cleaning products, dry cleaning chemicals, and cosmetics, among many others.

Many of NuGenTec’s degreasers, defluxing solvents, and ultrasonic cleaners are specially formulated to reduce or eliminate VOC content. Our safe, non-toxic solutions provide cleaning power that is equal to or better than hazardous “traditional” cleaning products.

pH Levels & Cleaning Effectiveness

In chemistry, the pH scale is used to denote how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The pH scale ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline), wit