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Precision Cleaning Products

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The presence of contaminants, even at microscopic levels, can impact the quality and safety of medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, and semiconductor products. To prevent these issues, manufacturing operations within these industries must adhere to stringent guidelines and use precision cleaning chemicals that remove residue at a micro-level without damaging the part surface.

High Precision Cleaners


NuGenTec formulated its off-the-shelf and custom semi-grade chemistries to solve the toughest problems in semiconductor and medical device fabrication. Our precision cleaning agents come in several formulas for chemical etching and to remove particles, flux, grease, adhesives, and coatings effectively and without damage.

High-quality precision cleaning chemicals from NuGenTec work faster than most standard products on the market and require lower concentrations, saving you time and money. Use our highly effective cleaners as a drop-in replacement for your usual chemicals or as a safer alternative to toxic products. We sell precision cleaning agents in low foam, no foam, and moderate foam for hand cleaning and spray applications. You can also purchase our chemicals in bulk containers for ultrasonic cleaning applications.

Cleaning Chemistries and Custom Precision Cleaning Solvent

We have a solution for all precision cleaning needs. If you are unable to find a formula that meets your requirements, our team of chemists can help you develop a product for your unique needs.

Nitric Acid Precision Cleaning Solutions

Our HF-free nitric acid passivators are formulated for etching medical devices. We offer these