High-Performance, Eco-Friendly Commercial Chemicals, and Industrial Cleaners

NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) is the Specialty Chemicals Company! Our mission is to provide the safest and most eco-friendly chemicals and cleaners possible. We focus our research and development efforts on creating green alternatives that reduce or eliminate worker exposure to hazardous industrial cleaners and commercial chemicals.

NuGenTec specializes in solving problems with green, eco-friendly chemicals, and cleaners that pass stringent regulations other “traditional” formulas can’t. We provide solutions for all industrial markets, from oil and gas to biotechnology to electronics. We can provide customized chemistries for nearly any application and will work directly with you to deliver safe chemical alternatives to meet your specific need.

Our proprietary products are safe, reliable, and effective alternatives to many hazardous chemicals. Contact NuGeneration Technologies today for the powerful, eco-friendly commercial chemicals and industrial cleaners you need.