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Ball Bearing Rebuilding Degreasers/Cleaners

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vapor decreasing equipment diagramultrasonic cleaning systemhigh pressure spray washer

Ball Bearing Rebuilders Cleaning Guide  thrust bearings

NuGenTec has your solution for rebuilding ball bearing assemblies for any process, including:
●Vapor Degreasing
●High-Pressure Spray Tank Cleaning/Degreasing
●Ultrasonic Tank Cleaning/Degreasing

For Vapor Degreasing Equipment: vapor decreasing equipment diagram

TCE and nPB have been classically used, however, due to to the hazards associated with these chemicals they are being phased out.  NuGenTec has better and safer alternatives.  FluoSolv Ten-X has an industry proven track record as perhaps the best solvent for vapor degreasing of all soils encountered by the ball bearing remanufacturing/rebuilding marketplace. FluoSolv Ten-X is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  FluoSolv Ten-X is the industries best choice for vapor degreasing applications.

For high-pressure spray washers:  high pressure spray washer

AquaKlean STC-HT should be your product of choice for industrial spray washing systems.  Water-based, effective on all soils ball bearing rebuilders face such as greases, oils, hydrocarbons, dirt, particulate matter and stubborn soil combinations of greases, paraffins, and particulates.  Use AquaKlean STC-HT at 1-5% by volume with water.  For those who need a non-corrosive choice for spray cleaning, we recommend AquaKlean SUS.

For ultrasonic cleaning systems/tanks: