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Bond-X Green - Recycled & Recyclable

  • BondX Recycling

Cold Mix Manufacturing Corp. is dedicated to providing quality products that are environmentally friendly. This commitment is demonstrated by our use of recycled asphalt which reduces our need for stone and sand mining. Mining can result in unnaturally high concentrations of chemicals such as arsenic and sulfuric acid over a significant area. Large amounts of water produced from mine drainage, mine cooling, aqueous extraction and other mining processes increases the potential for these chemicals to contaminate ground and surface water.

Bond-X Green®- the Recyclable Recycled asphalt repair product:

  • Bond-X Green® uses 40% recycled asphalt
  • Bond-X Green® can be ripped up, recycled, and reused.
  • Bond-X Green® bags are 100% recyclable
  • Bond-X Green® is manufactured at a very low temperature allowing us to reduce our fossil fuel consumption by 70%

Bond-X Green® is considered an environmentally preferable purchase and is the first product to be endorsed by the Green Energy Council™. Additionally, Cold Mix Manufacturing is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council™. Bond-X Green® is approved by the New York State Department of Transportation and is currently being used by cities, towns, villages, universities, utility companies, farms and marinas across the country. We can all do our part to reduce the harmful effects we impose on the environment. This is one instance in which a cost effective, high quality, environmentally friendly product is available to replace a hazardous one.

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.