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Tank Bottom Sludge Clean-up Process

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NuGenTec has Developed a line of Oil & Gas Industry-specific crude oil storage tank sludge cleanout chemicals.  
Sludge Cleanout for Oil and Gas Industry Storage Tanks
oil tanks, metal cylinders, outdoors
  • Our leading Product is NuSolv TBC which is ultimately biodegradable per OECD 301D. 
  • These products eliminate the need for manned entry and are effective with treatment times from 4-24 hours.
  • Recovered oil has covered 50-100% of the cleanout costs in more than 100 field applications since 2010.
  • After cleanout, Oil, Water, Sediment all split-out into three distinct layers.

NuGenTec's oil storage tank cleaning products are a proprietary line of environmentally friendly oilfield chemicals designed to dissolve hydrocarbon sludge and convert it to marketable oil. The chemical process converts sludge in tanks (no manned entry) into three distinct layers of oil, water and sand (or other residual solids). These products are non-flammable, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly, shipping as a non-regulated material. 

NuGenTec's NuFlo® and NuSolv™ proprietary well tank cleaning procedure can reduce down-time in the Cleaning, Testing, & Inspection process to as little as 1 week returning tanks to their rated capacity, extending asset life and recovering oil from sludge.
Paraffin and Asphaltene Sludge Treatment Process – Oil Storage Tanks
sludge building in tank 1. Sludge builds on tank bottom resulting in lost storage capacity and other costly problems.
NuFlo is injected 2. NuFlo is injected into the tank and circulated with cutter stock or lease oil.
Sludge is liquified 3. Sludge is liquefied and converted into refinery quality oil.
Sludge it pumped out 4. After the NuFlo has liquefied the tank sludge it can be easily pumped out and separated into saleable crude, water and sand/sediment.


Benefits – Oil Storage Tank Cleaning

  • The process can usually be completed in less than one week, and the tank does not necessarily need to be taken off-line.
  • The paraffin and asphaltene sludge is recovered as usable oil – a huge value recovered.
  • Labor costs are reduced and sludge transport and disposal costs are eliminated.
  • No “in-tank” hazards to employees.
  • No adverse impact on the environment.
  • Our solution yields positive net cash flow as the market value of the recovered sludge converted to refinable oil usually exceeds the cost of the treatment.

Compare Conventional Methods to NuGenTec’s Superior Chemical Solution

Requirements Requirements Description Conventional Methods NuGenTec NuFlo Solution
Recovery of sludge The amount of sludge that is recovered and sold as oil in the cleaning process Low High
Setup and mobilization Scaffolding, cranes, cleaning equipment, air systems, high-pressure equipment High Low
Outside contractor cleaning costs Sub-contracted costs of tank cleaning specialists High Low
Lost production/margin Shut-down time resulting in the loss of capacity while the tank is out of service 4-10 weeks One week but available if needed
Utility and operating costs Consumption of steam and electricity, caused by the actual cleaning process High very low
Chemical The chemicals used for treatment Low Medium
Re-processing/recovery costs Cleaned-out sludge which requires reprocessing High Low
Personnel costs Additional operations and maintenance manpower, safety/work permitting High Low
Waste disposal Processing of waste and disposal of hazardous waste products High Low
Damage to tank equipment Repair of damages to the tank from cleanings, such as coating and steam coils Happens occasionally None
Legislation and regulations Penalties and fines related to violation of environmental, health and safety regulations