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FluoSolv® D-Flux Aerosol (12, 12 oz cans/case)

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Part Number: FS-dflux
Price Each: $300.00
Total Price: $300.00
  • Primary Application: aerosol flux remover
  • pH: n/a
  • VOC: (g/L): 528
  • Foam: non-foaming

Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous Aerosol Defluxing Solvent

A common byproduct of soldering and similar PCB and electronics production processes, flux residue consists of trace remnants of flux and/or flux activator that were not fully volatized from the component’s surface. Often acidic, flux residue can react with moisture when voltage is applied, causing electromigration, electrical current leakage, and other problems. Thorough flux removal is therefore key to electronics manufacturin