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NuFlo Descale 433

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Part Number: NF-DS-433
  • Type: Barium (BaSO4) , Calcium (CaSO4), Magnesium (MgSO4), and Strontium Sulfate (SrSO4 Scale removal
  • Flash Point (C): n/a
  • pH: 7.0-8.0
  • Freezing Point (C): n/a
  • NFPA: 1,0,0

NuFlo Descale 433

NuGenTec’s NuFlo® DeScale 433 is a highly concentrated, high strength scale remover. It is effective at removing barium sulfate scale (BaSO4), calcium sulfate scale (CaSO4), magnesium sulfate scale (MgSO4), and strontium sulfate scale (SrSO4) from oil and gas applications, including wells, perfs, pumps, rods, tubing, and pipelines.

NuFlo® DeScale 433 is a safe alternative to acid descaling. It operates at a neutral pH and will not harm mild steel or galvanized surfaces, eliminating the need for other descale options that require extremes in pH to be effective.

This scale removal solution is also effective at preventing the buildup and formation of sulfate and other types of scale, thanks to its chelation properties with keep salts soluble in the water phase.

NuFlo® DeScale 433 has been formulated for extremely high thermal stability, allowing for scale removal at temperatures as high as 550°F (288°C), making it an excellent choice for steam flood operations. This one of a kind sulfate scale remover is only available from NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals.

Download the NuFlo® DeScale 433 MSDS (Español) and TDS for additional information.

Types of Scale that NuFlo® DeScale 433 Dissolves

  • Barium sulfate scale
  • Calcium sulfate scale
  • Magnesium sulfate scale
  • Strontium sulfate scale
  • NORM scale (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)

How to Use NuFlo® DeScale 433 & NuFlo® 187 for Metal Sulfate Scale Treatment

NuFlo® DeScale 433 effectively dissolves inorganic scale, while simultaneously penetrating and dissolving scale that is partially covered by organic deposits such as paraffins and asphaltenes. However, DeScale 433 works best when used on inorganic scale that has had organic deposits removed from their surfaces by NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals’ paraffin and asphaltene remover, NuFlo® 187, allowing for direct attack and dissolution of scale by NuFlo® DeScale 433.

  1. Pretreatment of paraffin and asphaltene covered scale using NuFlo® 187
    1. Run NuFlo® 187 at dilution in diluents such as diesel, or up to 100% by volume concentration
    2. Heat, recirculation, and extended dwell times are recommended, if possible
  2. Flush with fresh water to clear out dissolved hydrocarbons and to rinse scale surfaces, allowing for maximum effectiveness of NuFlo® DeScale 433
  3. Treatment of metal sulfate scale with NuFlo® DeScale 433 scale removal solution
    1. Run NuFlo® DeScale 433 at dilution in fresh water diluent, or up to 100% by volume concentration
    2. Maintain temperatures of at least 70°C (158°F), if possible
    3. Heat, recirculation, and extended dwell times are recommended, if possible

NuFlo® DeScale 433 vs. Other Scale Removal Methods

Product Conc. (%) pH T(°C) Volume CaSO4 Dissolved Reaction Time Required
NuFlo® DeScale 433 20 7.8 80-85 50 mls 6.0 g 12 minutes, 11 seconds
EDTA Na4, 39% 100 >11.5 80-85 50 mls 6.0 g 47 minutes, 48 seconds
GLDA Na4 38% 100 >11.5 80-85 50 mls 6.0 g 45 minutes, 12 seconds
K5DPTA, 40% 100 >11.5 80-85 50 mls 6.0 g 41 minutes, 33 seconds
HCl, 31% 100 <1.0 80-85 50 mls 6.0 g No reaction in > 336 hours

Features of DeScale 433 Scale Remover

  • Bulk Density: 9.32 #/gal
  • Specific Gravity @ 20°C (68°F): 1.118 g/cm3
  • Freeze/Thaw Stable: Yes
  • Thermal Stability:Up to 288°C (550°F)
  • Odor: Mild
  • Flash Point: None
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Melting/Freezing Point: 7°C (45°F)
  • Boiling Point: >100°C (212°F)
  • pH: 7.8
  • NFPA: 1,0,0
  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
  • Downloads: MSDS, SDS en Español, TDS

About the Chemistry

NuFlo® DeScale 433 overcomes the limitations of other sulfate scale treatment chemistries by creating an inexpensive, effective metal sulfate scale removal solution. It is incredibly effective at dissolving metal sulfate scales, including such as barium sulfate scale, calcium sulfate scale, strontium sulfate scale and magnesium sulfate scale.

NuFlo® DeScale 433 can be used at dilution and still be highly effective, especially on metal sulfate scales that are coated and/or interspersed with common organic deposits such as paraffins and asphaltenes. Formulated with a proprietary dissolving chemistry with both polar and nonpolar solubility properties and a synergistic blend of chelating agents, dispersants, and wetting agents, NuFlo® DeScale 433 provides the fastest and most efficient performance, across the broadest applications, of any scale removal solution on the market.

  • To the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

PRESS RELEASE: NuGenTec’s NuFlo DeScale 433 is World’s First Product to Dissolve Barium Sulfate Scale in Oil & Gas Pipelines, Flowlines, Formations & Tubulars

Patent-pending descaler is the first and only product capable of removing barium sulfate and other challenging sulfate compounds created in oil production.

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NuFlo® DeScale 433 is the safest, most effective calcium sulfate scale, strontium sulfate scale, magnesium sulfate scale, and barium sulfate scale remover available today. Request a quote or contact NuGenTec to learn more about NuFlo® DeScale 433 scale removal solution.