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FluoSolv™ WS

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Part Number: FX-WS
  • Use As: Non-Hazardous
  • Primary Application: Vapor Degreaser
  • Boiling Point (C): 41
  • Kb: 100
  • Replacement for: nPB, TCE, HCFC-225, 71DE
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FluoSolv® WS is a proprietary blend of non-flammable hydrofluoroethers (HFE's) and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (t-DCE) designed for heavy-duty degreasing applications by spray, wipe, tank.  It also performs as an excellent alternative used as a carrier fluid / fast curing agent for epoxies, resins, pastes, fluxes, wax, and oils.
FluoSolv® WS is a drop-in replacement for TCE, n-propyl bromide (nPB), and similar Cold Cleaning degreasing solvents and Carrier Fluids.
FluoSolv® WS solvent blending technology leverages the chemical solvency of the fluid as well as its physical properties such as high density, low surface tension and low viscosity for optimal performance. Our research has shown that to clean metal surfaces in the shortest amount of time the solvent must flow ext