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FluoSolv™ WS

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Part Number: FX-WS
  • Application: NuGenTec FluoSolv® WS is a non-flammable solvent cleaner especially developed to remove PFPE (perfluoropolyether) oils and greases such as Krytox, Fomblin, Nye, Barrierta and Christolube.
  • Use As: Non-Hazardous
  • Boiling Point (C): 41
  • Kb: 100
  • Replacement for: nPB, TCE, HCFC-225, 71DE
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FluoSolv® WS is a proprietary blend of non-flammable hydrofluoroethers (HFE's) and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (t-DCE) designed for heavy-duty degreasing applications by spray, wipe, tank.  It also performs as an excellent alternative used as a carrier fluid / fast curing agent for epoxies, resins, pastes, fluxes, wax, and oils.
FluoSolv® WS is a drop-in replacement for TCE, n-propyl bromide (nPB), and similar Cold Cleaning degreasing solvents and Carrier Fluids.
FluoSolv® WS solvent blending technology leverages the chemical solvency of the fluid as well as its physic