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July 26, 2017

FluoSolv® AP approved for use under Boeing Spec BAC 5408

26 July 2017 - Emeryville, California - NuGenTec, the manufacturer of FluoSolv® vapor-degreasing solvents has now received approval for use of FluoSolv® AP under specification BAC 5408 by Boeing Testing Services.  This qualification came after rigorous testing of FluoSolv AP for use on all non-ferrous metals such as titanium parts and assemblies.  This qualification is now Revision M, PSD 6-74 which is the latest revision to BAC 5408.
Boeing suppliers using n-propyl bromide (nPB) for vapor-degreasing will now have a safer alternative of using FluoSolv® AP which has excellent solvency for oils, lubricants and greases, besides being non-flammable, non-toxic and fast-drying.

Replacement for TCE & nPB

FluoSolv® AP can be used in vapor degreasing to replace Trichloroethylene (TCE) as well as 1-Bromopropane or n-propyl bromide (nPB) which is commercially sold under the name Entron Aero for aerospace applications.  Recent studies by OSHA, US-EPA and other NGOs have concluded that nPB is a neurotoxin.  In 2012 AICGH called nPB as a “Confirmed Animal Carcinogen” and lowered is exposure limit to 0.1 ppm.
FluoSolv® AP is a stable azeotropic solvent blend that is non-ozone depleting, non-flammable, non-toxic and is completely recyclable.  It has excellent solvency for machining oils and lubricants used in metalworking for tube-forming, stamping and myriad other operations that require precision vapor-degreasing prior to plating, brazing or welding.
“Having BAC 5408 spec approval for FluoSolv® AP is the best thing that happened to the aerospace precision vapor-degreasing industry”, said John Roudebush, Owner & President of Ecolink, a supplier of specialty chemicals & aerosols to the aerospace industry.

About NuGenTec

NuGenTec is NuGeneration Technologies, LLC, a global specialty chemical company that focuses on providing high performance and eco-friendly chemical solutions. NuGenTec’s ongoing mission is to develop the most effective and safest products possible. They provide over 600 standard products for customers in a variety of high tech, medical, and industrial markets, as well as custom chemical products tailored to their customers’ needs.

NuGenTec’s FluoSolv family of formulated products utilize a proprietary blend of fluorinated fluids to solve unique challenges and provide lower cleaning costs and higher production yields.

To learn more about NuGenTec’s FluoSolv® AP and the rest of the vapor-degreasing products visit https://www.nugentec.com/fluosolv-vapor-degreaser