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October 3, 2021

Clean Oil Spills with 100% Organic, Non-toxic Peat Sorb

Accidental spills will happen, and an inadequate response can result in unnecessary damage to plant and animal life. Peat sorb is a key component of a rapid response plan. It is easy to use, quick to act and is disposable. Peat sorb is the most environmentally friendly product for absorbing oil and chemical spills.  It works for spills on water, hard surfaces, and sand E.G. beaches and shorelines.  


The All-Natural, Fast Response to Oil Spills

Peat Sorb is made from 100% natural, Canadian sphagnum peat. This all-natural solution to oil spills is also non-toxic, organic, and renewable. Peat Sorb quickly absorbs oils and a wide range of chemicals spilled on land or water.  Peat Sorb is safe for people and machinery as it is non-abrasive and silica-free.  

Oil Spill Facts

Accidental spills happen every year. Some are large, others are small, and Peat Sorb will be there to soak up and dispose of the spill quickly and effectively every time.  Even a small oil spill can have a large effect; Just one pint of oil will spread over one acre of water and a quart of motor oil can be tasted over a quarter million gallons of drinking water. Oil spills are especially dangerous to aquatic life because their breakdown requires oxygen, disrupting the delicate balance needed to sustain life underwater. On land, oil spills will destroy plants, disrupting ecosystems irrevocably. 

Make Peat Sorb Part of Your Rapid Response Plan

In order to mitigate the effects of oil spills, a rapid response is required. Peat Sorb is the most environmentally friendly, fastest-acting solution to oil spills.  Making Peat Sorb part of the rapid response plan to an oil spill will vastly improve the outcome and impact of an oil spill.

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Post Update Oct 3, 2021.