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February 20, 2020

High-Strength PET and PC Bottle Washing Cleaner

NuGeneration Technologies NuWash PB1 is a highly alkaline, non-silicated, non-
phosphated aqueous cleaner that is 100% biodegradable. This highly effective cleaner will make bottle-washing fast, efficient, and cost-effective. 

Why High Alkalinity?

The high alkalinity of NuWash PB1 creates a cleaning environment optimized for plastic bottle cleaning. The small and aggressive hydroxide ions of NuWash PB1 are ideal for attacking and lifting even the most difficult-to-remove particles from plastic surfaces. The high alkalinity also maintains an environment that promotes an environment in which small, residual metals can be pulled into the cleaning solution with maximum efficiency.

Designed for CIP (Clean in Place) Machines

NuWash PB1 is designed for ease-of-use with CIP machines. Plastic bottle cleaning in three stage washers requires a strong first-stage washer and NuWash PB1 is the perfect, tried and tested aqueous cleaner for CIP machines. 

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