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September 16, 2019

NuFlo TBC Increases Oil Productivity by Releasing Refinery Quality Oil from Sludgeoil tanks

Oil tanks lose storage capacity and refinery quality oil to sedimentary sludge that builds at the tank’s bottom. Separating the sludge and sediment from the oil can be difficult, requiring cranes, scaffolding, separators, filters, pumps and weeks of personnel and lost productivity. NuGenTec has invented a solution to clean the bottom of oil tanks that cuts the downtime, personnel, and equipment costs and delivers increased oil storage and productivity. NuGenTec TBC is the Tank Bottom Cleaner that is changing the efficiency of oil tank cleaning and cutting huge costs in the process.

Why Do Oil Tanks Have Sludge?

Oil tanks accumulate large amounts of paraffinic and/or asphaltic sludge, which hampers operations and limits the holding capacity and economic effectiveness of the tank. These, along with sediments, sink to the bottom of the tank, trapping oil and decreasing productivity and revenue. 

How Does NuFlo TBC Work?

NuFlo TBC is cheap and effective. An injection of NuFlo TBC liquefies the sludge that has built upon the bottom of the tank and is circulated with filtered air. This minimal labor process results in a clear separation of solids, water and recovered oil. The solids are removed via a simple agitation with compressed air and water injection after the trapped, refinery-quality oil is recovered.

Saving Money with NuFlo TBC

NuFlo TBC saves oil operations money. The typical procedure for oil tank cleaning is both capital and labor intensive. Conventional methods require heavy equipment such as scaffolding, cranes, filters, pumps, air systems and high pressure equipment along with costly subcontractor tank cleaning specialists resulting in approximately one full month of lost productivity. NuFlo TBC requires less personnel, equipment, and costs as well as one quarter the shutdown time compared to conventional methods, resulting in increased efficiency with lower costs.

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