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May 25, 2019

3 Reasons Not to Use Oil-Based Metalworking Fluids

While developing a top-of-the-line metalworking fluid, NuGenTec considered the benefits of synthetic versus oil-based metalworking fluids and found that synthetic fluids are far more user-friendly. Here are the top three reasons to choose synthetic metalworking fluids.

1  Oil Disposal 

Proper disposal of oil-based metalworking fluids is difficult, time-consuming and costly over time.  NuGenTec developed NuKut MD1, a synthetic metalworking fluid, which can be disposed without any hazmat concerns.  Users save time, money, and a logistical headache when switching to non-hazardous, synthetic metalworking fluids like NuKut MD1.

2  Flammability

Oil-based metalworking fluids create a hazardous work environment.  Oils are flammable and can pose a significant workplace hazard. Dealing in hazardous chemicals is, itself, a regulated hassle, even if nothing goes wrong.  In order to keep workplaces safer and reduce hazardous chemicals, NuGenTec developed NuKut MD1 without flammable materials.

3  Health Risks

Employees who have repeated exposure to hazardous oil-based metalworking fluids develop adverse symptoms.  Oil-based metalworking fluids are known to cause dermatitis and skin sensitization, which can be wholly avoided when using NuKut MD1 synthetic metalworking fluid.


NuGenTec's Oil-Free Metalworking Fluid - NuKut MD1

NuGenTec’s NuKut MD1 is a liquid, oil-free metalworking fluid designed to assist in many metal cutting and machining operations on ferrous, non-ferrous, and specialty alloys including aluminum. 100% non-hazardous, non-chlorine, non-sulfur and non-phenol based fluids with propriety extreme pressure lubricants are easy to dispose.

NuKut MD1 is specifically designed for use with CNC machining and turning centers. NuKut MD1 increases tool life, sump life, improves cutting speeds and prevents corrosion. With its exceptional ability to prevent rust on in-process parts and machines, NuKut MD1rivals soluble oils in rust protection. Replace soluble oils in your shop with NuKut MD1.

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

If you are seeking healthier, more environmentally responsible, and less costly alternatives for your industrial processes, contact NuGenTec today. Click here to learn more about NuKut MD1.