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August 9, 2018

NuGenTec Hires David Perez as New Senior Vice President - Technical Operations

Perez brings more than 30 years of petroleum industry experience to NuGenTec’s Oilfield Chemicals division.
NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) is pleased to announce the hiring of David Perez as the new Senior Vice President - Technical Operations of NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals. Perez brings more than thirty years of experience in petroleum engineering to the position, including extensive knowledge of commercial, industrial, and oil and gas engineering projects, the production of chemical sales throughout the oil and gas value chain, and advanced technical projects.
Perez began his career in the petroleum industry in 1971, as an engineering student-in-training with the Texas Petroleum Company in Colombia while he was working toward a degree in Petroleum Engineering at Universidad de América in Bogotá. In 1975, Perez became District Manager for the Petrolite Corporation, based in Anaco, Venezuela. In the years that followed, Perez held a variety of positions with leading petroleum companies in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Oilfield Chemicals

NuGenTec’s Oilfield Chemicals division specializes in environmentally-responsible chemicals for oil and gas production processes. The company develops safe, biodegradable alternatives to mainstream oilfield chemicals, and provides solutions that can increase production, improve pipeline flow efficiency, clean out and recover oil from sludge in tanks, clean up and recover oil from spills, and improve overall efficiencies in the field. Their line of eco-friendly oilfield chemicals includes biocides, scale removers, emulsion breakers, surfactants, viscosity reducers, and other safe, effective products.
NuGenTec works with clients in the oil and gas industry to develop customized solutions for challenging applications. The company has provided a wide range of customized oilfield chemicals, including paraffin and asphaltene removers, corrosion inhibitors, descalers, and enhanced oil recovery additives.
Perez joined NuGenTec’s Oilfield Chemicals division in October 2017, where his experience and technical and commercial knowledge will help improve the company’s international operations for the demanding oil and gas market.
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