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May 12, 2019


Finding the Ultimate Corrosion Protectionread/write head and hard drive

There are a wide variety of corrosion inhibitors, but many utilize methods that are judged based solely on their ability to inhibit corrosion without taking other important factors into account, such as how the corrosion inhibiting product will impact the lifecycle and function of the metal.  This article discusses important and often overlooked aspects of corrosion inhibition that have been taken into account while formulating NuKoat RP1.


The Incompatibilities of Most Corrosion Inhibitors

AquaKlean RP1 is formulated to avoid the principle errors of many corrosion inhibitors and metal cleaners; namely, incompatibility with copper and other metals as well as interference or reactivity with post-cleaning operations.


Choosing a Corrosion Inhibitor

When choosing a corrosion inhibitor, there is more to consider than solely the ability to protect metal against corrosion; there are hidden incompatibilities that can be easily avoided by choosing the correct product.  Here are some of the top considerations:

1. Use a nitrate free formula
Because nitrates can react with amines to form toxic nitrosamines, NuGenTec formulated AquaKlean RP1 to be nitrate free, so that should a subsequent processing step use an amine, there will be no added workplace/health risks.

2. Use a silicate-free formula

Silicates can cause several problems in metal cleaning operations, including interference with adhesion and silicate scale. Read more about silicate scaling, here. For these reasons, AquaKlean RP1 is formulated without silicates.

3. Use an amine-free formula on copper and copper alloys

Amines will attack copper and copper alloys.  For this reason, AquaKlean RP1 is formulated without amines, making it a perfect cleaner for copper and copper alloys.

Why Choose NuKoat RP1?

In addition to its silicate-free, nitrate-free, and amine-free formula, NuKoat RP1 has been proven to supply unparalleled corrosion protection.  NuKoat RP1 was specifically formulated for use with semiconductors and read/write heads, and also provides the most cost-effective and robust protection for any product comprised of copper, brass, aluminum, steel, cobalt, zinc, magnesium,
or silver.

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