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August 4, 2019

Uniform Etch with NuEtch E3 and Safer Desmut with DeSmut NS3aluminum

Etching glass or aluminum requires a strong etchant that provides a precision surface. Too often, companies believe that the etchant requires hydrofluoric acid to function effectively. While hydrofluoric acid is sometimes the necessary etchant, it should only be used as a last resort due to its threats to human life.  NuEtch E3 is a non-fluoride alternative to hydrofluoric acid-based etchants that works powerfully to deliver a uniform surface and DeSmut NS3 is a desmutting alternative to dangerous, fuming nitric acid for post-etch treatment of aluminum.

Why is NuEtch E3 Safer than Fluoride-based Etchants?

Etchants that use hydrofluoric acid pose serious threats to human health and should only be used when absolutely necessary. Hydrofluoric acid is especially dangerous because, at low volumes, a spill that results in skin contact can penetrate and make its way to bone tissue, where it will chelate calcium and cause low serum calcium levels, which can be fatal. Contact an expert at NuGenTec to see what type of etchant your process requires.

How Does NuEtch E3 Work?

NuEtch E3 is formulated for immersion applications and has a built-in non-ionic surfactants package to aid in cleaning before etching. This combination of high-power etchant and built-in cleaning power removes contaminants and provides etching for a smooth, uniform surface.  In cases where heavy contamination is normal, NuWet DM 33 can act as an excellent pre-etch cleaner.

How Do I Get Rid of Smut on Aluminum After Etching?

DeSmut NS3 is a highly acidic and effective de-smutting etchant for aluminum and aluminum alloys. DeSmut NS3 is a safer alternative to dangerous, fuming nitric acid, which is traditionally used in desmutting. Whether you are replacing hydrofluoric acid with the NuEtch E3 or fuming nitric acid with Desmut E3, your workplace will be safer if you switch to NuGenTec.

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