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February 22, 2019

Ethanol Extraction for Botanicals - Why 200 Proof Ethanol is Needed for Botanical Extractionbotanical extract

The industry of botanical extraction is rapidly changing due to increasing legality, regulation, and a shift in consumer demand.  Mature markets show a decrease in price for high-quality flower product due to a flooding availability of high-quality strains coupled with consumer demand for pure extract.  In light of these demands, emerging market leaders are searching for the lowest-priced and most efficient botanical extraction techniques to ensure sustained profit while meeting requirements set by regulators. As the demand for extraction technologies has increased, the solvent of choice for industry leaders is Ethanol.  NuGenTec is ready to meet extraction and regulatory needs with 200 Proof Ethanol at the lowest price.  

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol, also called Ethyl Alcohol, is the chemical name for the alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages and is also referred to as grain alcohol.  The chemical formula for Ethanol is C2H5OH, meaning that it contains a small carbon chain and an alcohol group. The combination of a small, non-polar carbon chain and a polar alcohol group makes Ethanol a polar solvent, meaning that it can dissolve both water and oils, making it a perfect candidate for botanical extractions.

What is Ethanol Extraction?

Solvents are used to extract the compounds of botanical products desired by consumers. Ethanol is ideal for extractions because it is FDA approved and is safer than the legacy solvent of choice, butane, and uses less expensive processes than supercritical CO2.  Ethanol extractions can either be performed in heated conditions for increased efficiency or cold conditions for the highest purity. Both heated and cold ethanol extractions can be performed using a wide variety of mechanisms, with emerging technologies providing solutions for operations of any size and price range.

Why is 200 Proof Ethanol Needed for Botanical Extractions?

200 Proof Ethanol doesn’t contain the dangerous additives found in non-food grade Ethanol and it leaves little residue.  Ethanol that is not pure and is intended for lab use (i.e. not fit for human consumption) is considered “Denatured” Ethanol. “Denatured” Ethanol contains Methanol, which is highly toxic, and, as such, it is not permissible for use in extractions.  The FDA, NIOSH, and OSHA approved Ethanol for use in extractions with a caveat concerning the amount of residue allowed in the end product: The FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) considers Ethanol to be a class 3 risk, meaning that it has little risk of acute or chronic toxicity when residual Ethanol is less than 0.5%.  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), which regulate workplace safety, has designated Ethanol a TWA (that is a total-weighted average) of 0.1% Ethanol residue. These are both attainable levels of residue, given proper quality assurance and extraction techniques, with the use of 200 Proof Ethanol.  A less pure form of alcohol, however, will leave more residue than is considered safe and would not meet regulatory standards.

Where to Obtain 200 Proof Ethanol for Ethanol Extractions

NuGenTec is offering the lowest prices for 200 Proof Ethanol and can walk emerging leaders in botanical extractions through all the steps necessary to make their operations profitable and regulation-ready.

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