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April 19, 2019

Metal Cleaning and Corrosion Protection in One Easy Step

NuGenTec’s AquaKlean RP700 cleans metals and inhibits corrosion without interfering with post-cleaning adhesion or subsequent cleaning steps.  The current state of corrosion inhibition is constituted of a wide variety of options, but many utilize methods that are judged solely on their ability to inhibit corrosion, without taking other important factors into account, such as how the corrosion inhibiting product will impact the lifecycle and function of the metal.  This article discusses these important aspects of corrosion inhibition.

The Incompatibilities of Most Corrosion Inhibitors and Metal Cleaners

AquaKlean RP700 is formulated to avoid the errors of many corrosion inhibitors and metal cleaners; namely, incompatibility with copper, interference or reactivity with post-cleaning operations, interference with adhesion, and long-term volatility.

Choosing a Corrosion Inhibitor

When choosing a corrosion inhibitor, there is more to consider than solely the ability to protect metal against corrosion; there are hidden incompatibilities that can be easily avoided by choosing the correct product, namely:

1. Adhesion Interference

Many corrosion inhibitors function by coating the metal in a thin film and this can decrease adhesion. For this reason, AquaKlean RP700 utilizes a silicate-free, corrosion-inhibiting salt that will allow subsequent paint and/or coating adhesion.

2. Long-Term Volatility of Inhibitor

Thin-film corrosion inhibitors will slowly evaporate from a metal’s surface over time.  This has negative health effects on workers and communities, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, in addition to headaches while long-term exposure can lead to cancer and permanent liver, kidney, or nervous system damage.  

These adverse health effects are avoided when using AquaKlean RP700 and it’s non-volatile corrosion-inhibiting salt formulation.

3. Nitrates are often incompatible with subsequent metal treatments.

Because nitrates can react with amines to form toxic nitrosamines, NuGenTec formulated AquaKlean RP700 to be nitrate free, so that should a subsequent processing steps will not react with the corrosion inhibitor to create workplace/health risks.

Choosing a Metal Cleaner

There are many metal cleaners that are judged purely on the basis of cleaning metal without considering the long-term and ancillary effects of the materials used.  AquaKlean RP700 is formulated to clean more powerfully than other metal cleaners while avoiding the problems associated with certain materials commonly found in metal cleaners. Here are some considerations when choosing a metal cleaner:

1. Use a silicate-free formula

Silicates can cause several problems in metal cleaning operations, including interference with adhesion and silicate scale. Read more about silicate scaling, here. For these reasons, AquaKlean RP700 is formulated without silicates.

2. Use an amine-free formula on copper and copper alloys

Amines will attack copper and copper alloys.  For this reason, AquaKlean RP700 is formulated without amines, making it a perfect cleaner for copper and copper alloys.

AquaKlean RP700: Powerful Cleaning and Protection

AquaKlean RP700 is formulated to give the powerful, deep clean that metals require, while bolstering the surface with rust protection. Learn more about AquaKlean RP700 here.

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