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July 6, 2016

New NuGenTec D-Flux Provides A Safe Alternative to Standard Defluxing Solvents

Manufactured with low VOC-chemicals & no carcinogens, NuGenTec’s aerosol defluxing agent is the safest product of its kind on the market.

6 July 2016—Emeryville, CA—NuGenTec’s new FluoSolv D-Flux aerosolized defluxing solvent is specially formulated to provide an optimal balance of environmental and performance properties. D-Flux is formulated to provide a safer alternative to industry-standard chemicals. It is a low-VOC and low-GWP (global warming potential) blend that contains no ozone-depleting chemicals (non-ODP), no carcinogens, nor any substances found on the EPCRA 313 list of highly dangerous chemicals.

FluoSolv D-Flux is the safest way to remove flux, grease, and ionic contaminants from circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components. It is compatible with most elastomers, plastics, and other materials used in electronics manufacturing. D-Flux is a fast-evaporating defluxer that leaves no residue behind. It is especially useful for the removal of “baked on” residues from lead-free solder fluxes in which higher reflow temperatures are typical.

D-Flux is produced by NuGenTec, and can be purchased directly from the company via their website, It is available as an aerosol in 12-oz. cans, sold in cases of twelve (twelve 12-oz. cans per case). D-Flux is also available in a non-aerosolized liquid form for defluxing and degreasing components via washing or dipping. Unlike many other common aerosol cleaners, D-Flux is non-flammable, making it safe for use in any working environment.

NuGenTec is NuGeneration Technologies, LLC, a global specialty chemical company that focuses on providing high performance and eco-friendly chemical solutions. NuGenTec’s ongoing mission is to develop the most effective and safest products possible. They provide over 600 standard products for customers in a variety of high tech, medical, and industrial markets, as well as custom chemical products tailored to their customers’ needs.

NuGenTec’s FluoSolv family of formulated products utilize a proprietary blend of fluorinated fluids to solve unique challenges and provide lower cleaning costs and higher production yields.

For more information on NuGenTec, D-Flux flux remover, and the entire FluoSolv product family, visit or call 888-996-8436.