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November 23, 2019

Fast and Safe Multi-Metal Cleaner and Degreaser

NuGenTec’s AquaKlean EF7B is the perfect cleaner and degreaser, designed to be safe for hand washing of multiple metals with “sink-on-drum” cleaning applications. Metal cleaners tend to contain hazardous substances, unsafe for the workplace, much less for hand washing. AquaKlean EF7B is formulated to quickly cut the grease and soils from parts without impacting worker safety. 

AquaKlean is a Neutral pH Multi-Metal Cleaner

One of the characteristics that keeps AquaKlean EF7B safe for use as a “sink-on-drum” cleaner is it’s neutral pH. While high alkaline cleaners do have benefits of acting quickly, there are several drawbacks: 
  • A high alkaline cleaner is dangerous for the work environment.
    • As anyone who’s spilled a strong base knows, the risks are real. The base works by dissolving tissue and can leave permanent damage, especially when in contact with the eyes.
  • A high alkaline cleaner will corrode soft metals.
    • This means that metals like aluminum simply won’t work with a high alkaline cleaner, forcing many metal cleaner operations to use less effective cleaning methods.

It is important to consider the purpose of a cleaner and whether or not alkalinity is required. For metal cleaning that is performed by hand, it is important to protect worker’s safety by using a pH neutral cleaner.

AquaKlean EF7B is Non-Silicated

Silicates can form a sludge or scale that is difficult to remove. AquaKlean EF7B is formulated without silicates to avoid the following issues associated with silicates:
  • Insulating Effect of Silicate Scale
    • The first cause for loss of profits due to silicates is derived from the insulating effects that occur when scale builds on parts.  This scale-up requires additional steps to clean and can be avoided altogether by using a slicate-free cleaner. When a part, such as a heating coil, becomes covered in silicate scale, the efficiency of the coil is diminished significantly due to the insulating effects of silicate scale.
  • Total Halt to Operations Caused by Silicate Scale
    • If a silicate scale becomes too thick, it will need to be descaled and, for the duration of the descaling operation, entire processes may need to be shut down.  Nothing is more costly than a halt to production.

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