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July 8, 2019

Identify Leaks Quickly with HydroTest 202

Not all hydrostatic testing fluids are safe.  Many use materials that can harm the vessel or pipeline that is being tested.  Hydrotest 202 is NuGenTec’s hydrostatic testing liquid that is safe to use on all materials, including Aluminum and Aluminum alloys.  HydroTest 202 is an alkaline, silicated, nitrited, non-chelated, non-phosphated aqueous, high foaming agent that will allow leaks to be identified with a visible stream.

Hydrotesting Done Right - 3 Functions in 1 Hydrotest

A hydrostatic testing solution requires safe raw components with a high foaming capacity - HydroTest 202 goes above and beyond by completing three functions in one treatment.  
With every hydrostatic test, HydroTest 202 does the following:
  1. Quickly identify leaks
HydroTest 202 has a high foaming formula that will create a visible stream of concentrated foam at the source of a leak.
  1. Clean the surface
HydroTest 202 functions as an efficient, all-purpose degreaser, so that the surface being tested will be cleaner than it was before hydrostatic testing.
  1. Prevent future damage with Built-In Corrosion Inhibitor Package.
HydroTest 202 prevents rust and corrosion with an inhibitor package that is specially designed for hydrostatic testing.

HydroTest 202 is safe on all surfaces, including aluminum, aluminum alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and glass and plastics/polymers.  HydroTest 202 is the lowest cost hydrostatic testing fluid and delivers cleaning and rust protection during the hydrotest.

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