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July 29, 2019

Restore Burn-in Boards & Test Sockets with NuKlean BIB 

Burn-in boards and test sockets work hard and stress testing takes its toll on the life of the testing materials. As oxides build upon connectors under high-stress conditions, resistance builds and the burn-in board can be rendered useless. Replacing burn-in boards is expensive and wastes high-grade materials. NuGenTec’s NuKlean BIB restores connector resistance to less than 10 ohms by selectively removing difficult-to-remove oxides without attacking base metals. 

What Happens to the Burn-in Board Over Time?

Burn-in Board contact surfaces become contaminated with oxides of Tin, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Bismuth, Nickel and Indium as well as Silver Sulfide through repeated testing of semiconductors.  This contamination can lead to resistance of 50 ohms or greater, making connectors unstable and often requiring the burn-in board to be replaced.  

How Does NuKlean BIB Work?

NuKlean BIB selectively removes the oxides that build resistance without attacking base metals, plastics, or solder and restores the connectors to a resistance of less than 10 ohms.  In fact, NuKlean BIB has been shown to decrease the resistance to less than 3 ohms, leading to better resistance than that of originally manufactured burn-in boards.

Cost Saving with NuKlean BIB

Burn-in Boards are expensive and NuKlean BIB leads to monumental cost saving through restoration. The materials used in burn-in boards are required to withstand the high temperatures necessary for stress-testing. Materials used in burn-in boards, such as polyimide, are necessary and costly. If burn-in boards are disposed instead of being restored, the costs add over time.  NuKlean BIB restores burn-in boards for reuse, extending burn-in board lifetime and leading to tremendous savings over time.

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