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June 7, 2019

NuGenTec Files Patent for a Composition which Removes Cured and Un-Cured Silicone Deposits

The latest patent application filed by NuGenTec solves the difficult problem of removing cured and un-cured silicone deposits.  The invention will revolutionize the removal of silicone, which was heretofore notoriously difficult to remove - often requiring methods that damage the substrate. This new method will remove the silicone while maintaining the integrity of the underlying components.  

NuGenTec’s R&D team has a culture of creating the most optimized solutions for the most difficult problems.  

Inside the NuGenTec Lab

When NuGenTec’s researchers seek to create a new product, they work tirelessly to optimize the solution from every possible facet.  After creating a product that solves the problem at hand (removing silicone deposits, for instance), NuGenTec’s researchers optimize further to ensure the following:
  • The price point must save the client as much money as possible.
  • The product must provide the highest standards for worker safety.
  • The product must not damage underlying components.
  • The product must perform its function as efficiently as possible.

Using this set of standards, NuGenTec has created inventions that improve worker safety, protect components through their lifecycle, and work more efficiently and at a lower cost than any other product on the market.


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