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April 26, 2019

Alkaline Spray and Tank Cleaning with a Non-Hazmat, Low-Moderate Foam Cleanerliquid splashing

Spray and tank cleaning operations are among the most low-cost and simple options for cleaning, but it is difficult to find the perfect cleaner.  When considering a cleaner, one must consider the alkalinity, safety, potential for undesirable scale build-up, and foaming. NuGenTec took each of these into consideration when formulating AquaKlean MF1, and this article will outline these considerations in detail.

Why an Alkaline, Low-Moderate Foam Cleaner is Best for Spray and Tank Cleaning Operations.

The toughest cleaning jobs require two things: the force of agitation and the cleaning power of hydroxide.  For high pressure spray applications, it is best to have low-moderate foam cleaners, such as AquaKlean MF1, and avoid halting production to deal with the suds. In turn, when dealing with the toughest cleaning jobs, hydroxide ions are the attack needed to tear.

The alkaline, hydroxide-rich solution attacks the toughest, caked-on oils, greases and soilants with ease. Unlike many alkaline solutions, AquaKlean MF1 is not a hazardous material, and won’t face any of the restrictions that other hazardous materials would. Additionally, the components that make AquaKlean MF1 won’t sludge or scale up, as caustic- or silicate-based cleaners would.

Why is AquaKlean MF1 Silicate-Free?

In addition to interfering with post-cleaning coating and paint adhesion, silicates can form a scale that is difficult to remove.   If this scale builds around heating coils, it can have huge economic impacts. This can cost money for two reasons:
  • Insulating Effect of Silicate Scale
    • The first cause for loss of profits is derived from the insulating effects that occur when scale builds around heating coils.  As scale builds around the heating coils, it takes an increased amount of energy to heat a cleaning bath, which can drain a lot of money.  
  • Total Halt to Operations Caused by Silicate Scale
    • If a silicate scale becomes too thick, it will need to be descaled and, for the duration of the descaling operation, the entire process may need to be shut down.  Nothing is more costly than a halt to production.

AquaKlean MF1 has Excellent Wetting for Pre-Plate Cleaning

AquaKlean MF1 is designed with a surfactant blend that increases the surface area cleaned by decreasing the surface tension. This allows the alkaline cleaning power of AquaKlean MF1 to penetrate and remove greases and oils with ease, no matter the shape of the part being cleaned.  Due to its excellent wetting properties, AquaKlean MF1 is perfectly fit for pre-plate cleaning operations.AquaKlean MF1 performs on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics, ceramics and glass.  

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

If you are seeking healthier, more environmentally responsible, and less costly alternatives for your industrial processes, contact NuGenTec today.  See if AquaKlean MF1 will work for you.