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July 15, 2019

NuKoat 55 Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating for Mixed Metals, Including Galvanized Steel, Zinc and Aluminum.

NuKoat 55 adds iron phosphate, providing a strong foundation for paint adhesion while providing corrosion resistance and requires no rinse.  NuKoat 55 coats metals perfectly for a paint-ready surface without using molybdate or hydrofluoric acid. 

The Benefits of NuKoat 55

The researchers and developers at NuGenTec determined the best traits of an iron phosphate treatment to deliver the highest quality at the lowest prices.  Here are the physical characteristics and user benefits supplied by NuKoat 55:

Physical Characteristics:

  • Thin amorphous structure  
  • Coating weight: 30 to 90 mg./sq. ft.
  • Good corrosion resistance under paint  
  • Excellent surface for paint adhesion
  • Power coat or spray coatings

User Benefits:

  • Low equipment expenditures
  • Low heating requirements
  • Easy, one-step application
  • Low chemical costs
NuKoat 55 supplies the best quality in iron phosphate treatment at the lowest price.


Keep Costs Low with NuKoat 55

NuKoat 55 cleans, iron phosphates and provides corrosion protection in one easy low-temperature spray or immersion step.
  1. Clean
    • NuKoat 55 is designed to clean steel effectively so that you don’t need to pre-clean before adding iron phosphate.
  2. Iron Phosphate
    • Apply iron phosphate using your preferred method - NuKoat 55 can be applied using spray or immersion.
  3. Paint Adhesion
    • NuKoat 55 provides an excellent surface for paint adhesion.
  4. Protect
    • NuKoat 55 coats mixed metal surfaces and provides excellent corrosion protection.

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

If you are seeking healthier, more environmentally responsible, and less costly alternatives for your industrial processes, contact NuGenTec today. Click here to learn more about NuKoat 55.