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August 27, 2019

Silicone Oil Removal is Safer and Faster with NuSolv SOR-Aerosol aerosol can spraying

Silicone oils have a wide array of uses.  Due to their viscosity, low surface tension, and purity they can be used in everything from releasing molds during plastic and rubber manufacturing to replacing vitreous fluid of the eye during medical interventions.  Silicone oils have practical uses in beer fermentation, machine lubrication, textile softening, circuit board conformal coatings, and even as a medication to decrease flatulence.  

As anyone who’s attempted silicone oil removal knows, they spread a thin film over everything they touch.  Because silicone oil is hydrophobic, it requires more than a good scrub to remove. In fact, when using a detergent for silicone oil removal, the silicone oil will avoid the water tenaciously; dropping out of emulsifications and redepositing onto the surface. 

Because it is difficult to lift silicone oils and keep them in solution, approaches to silicone oil removal are often aggressive and can be dangerous and even cause damage to the material being cleaned. NuGenTec has formulated a new solution to this difficult problem.

NuSolv SOR-Aerosol is a non-toxic and patent-pending solution to fast and simple silicone oil removal. NuSolv SOR-Aerosol is effective, and cost competitive replacement for Dow Corning(1) “Dowsil” OS-10 and Microcare VeriClean No Clean Flux Remover(2) when used in cleaning applications.

Not All Silicone Oil Removal Methods are Created Equal.

The traditional approach to silicone oil removal alters the material being cleaned and poses hazards to human health.  The old generation of silicone oil removal methods use halogenated solvents combined with extremely high or low pH to “activate” the solution and break siloxane bonds. This aggressive approach can damage part components and discolor surfaces. 

NuGenTec’s NuSolv SOR-Aerosol will not harm components or surfaces and works through a mechanism of fast, high-load dissolution. This cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use aerosol is changing the field of silicone oil removal.

Using NuSolv SOR-Aerosol for Silicone Oil, Flux, and Adhesive Removal

NuSolv SOR-Aerosol has received patent-pending status for its novel methods for the fast dissolution of historically difficult-to-remove silicone oil, flux, and adhesives.  NuSolv SOR-Aerosol features a range of user benefits: 
  • Non-toxic environmentally friendly solvent blend
  • Excellent choice for cleaning no-clean fluxes, pastes, silicone oils, and conformal coatings, and adhesives from BGA and SMT circuit boards
  • High soil loading
  • Fast Evaporating
  • No rinsing required
NuSolv SOR-Aerosol is safer, faster, and more cost-efficient than any silicone oil remover on the market. Click here for more info on NuSolv SOR-Aerosol.

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

If you are seeking healthier, more environmentally responsible, and less costly alternatives for your industrial processes, contact NuGenTec today.  Click here for more info on NuSolv SOR-Aerosol.