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June 2, 2019

How to Reduce Botanical Extraction Cost Up to 70% botanical extract

The industry of botanical extraction is rapidly changing due to increasing legality, regulation, and a shift in consumer demand.  Mature markets show a decrease in price for high-quality flower product due to a flooding availability of high-quality strains coupled with consumer demand for pure extract.  In light of these demands, emerging market leaders are searching for the lowest-priced and most efficient botanical extraction techniques that lead to sustained profit while meeting the requirements set by regulators.  As the demand for extraction technologies has increased, many turn to 200 proof ethanol, which is heavily taxed and regulated.

Pure Ethanol is Heavily Taxed - 710 Spirits is Not

710 Spirits is a blend of 95% Food Grade, USP, ACS Grade Ethanol and 4.5% high purity n-Heptane.  710 Spirits doesn’t face the same regulatory struggles as pure ethanol, but it delivers the same clean, no-residue finish that is necessary to keep the end products clean and beneath the thresholds of stringent residue regulations.

What is Botanical Extraction?

Solvents are used to extract the pure forms of botanical products desired by consumers and the process can take several forms.  The 710 Spirit blend of ethanol and high purity n-heptane is ideal for extractions because it is FDA approved and is safer than the legacy solvent of choice, butane, and uses less expensive processes than supercritical CO2.  Further, the blend costs far less than pure ethanol after excise taxes and regulations are taken into account.


Why Use 710 Spirits for Botanical Extractions?

200 Proof Ethanol is considered food grade because it doesn’t contain the dangerous additives found in non-food grade Ethanol and it leaves little residue.  For this reason, 710 Spirits uses food-grade ethanol mixed with high purity n-heptane. While the n-heptane makes the blend unsafe to drink, the combination of the two products can be removed as easily as pure ethanol once extraction is complete.


Where to Obtain 710 Spirits for Botanical Extractions

NuGenTec is offering the lowest prices for 710 Spirits and can walk emerging leaders in botanical extractions through all the steps necessary to make their operations profitable and regulation ready.

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