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January 5, 2020

Botanical Extraction with n-Heptanebotanical extract

The industry of botanical extraction is rapidly changing due to increasing legality, regulation, and a shift in consumer demand.  Mature markets show a decrease in the price of high-quality flower product due to a flooding availability of high-quality strains coupled with consumer demand for pure extract.  In light of these demands, emerging market leaders are searching for the lowest-priced and most efficient botanical extraction techniques that lead to sustained profit while meeting the requirements set by regulators.  As the demand for extraction technologies has increased, n-heptane is proving to be the most cost-efficient extraction fluid and NuGenTec is meeting the market demand with the lowest prices.

What is n-Heptane?

n-Heptane is a non-polar solvent commonly used in plant extraction as a replacement for hexane. NuGenTec offers high purity (99.9%) grade n-Heptane at the lowest prices. NuGenTec also offers 200 Proof Ethanol for botanical extractions. The organic non-polar solvent, n-heptane, is a solvent of choice for extraction of non-polar compounds during plant extraction processes.

n-Heptane is a straight-chain alkane, named for its seven carbon atoms. It is colorless, less dense than water, and insoluble in water due to its non-polar nature. n-Heptane’s low boiling point, low density, and low toxicity make it a popular extraction solvent.  

What is Botanical Extraction?

Solvents are used to extract the pure forms of botanical products desired by consumers and the process can take several forms.  n-Heptane is a popular solvent for botanical extraction due to its price. Both heated and cold ethanol extractions can be performed using a wide variety of mechanisms, with emerging technologies providing solutions for operations of any size and price range.

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