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December 15, 2019

NuGenTec's High-Purity, Semiconductor-Grade Precision Cleaner for Plastic, Wafers, PCBs, Heads, and Sliders 

NuGeneration Technologies’ NuRinse LF12 is a biodegradable, non-toxic, multi-purpose semiconductor-grade precision cleaner. The moderate alkalinity cleaner is tough on a wide variety of soils from a variety of substrates. Because NuRinse LF12 is non-hazardous, it is easily disposed after use.

The Highly Versatile NuRinse LF12 

The non-hazardous NuRinse LF12 is a highly versatile precision cleaner, perfectly suited for ultrasonic, spray, and tank cleaning operations.  NuRinse LF12 is an alkaline, non-silicated, non-chelated, non-phosphated aqueous cleaner that is easily biodegradable. NuRinse LF12 is designed for easy  disposal, typically without any neutralization. NuRinse LF12 safely cuts through the toughest of oils and greases, along with a wide variety of other soilants, detailed below.

What Can NuRinse® LF12 Clean?

NuRinse LF12 is safe to use on most plastics and metals. For specific use cases, ask an expert at NuGenTec. Among the variety of substrates safe for use with NuRinse LF12, are:
  • Aluminum
  • Polymers
  • Glass
  • Printed circuit  boards
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace components
  • Process cassettes (caddies)

NuRinse LF12 is a powerful, precision cleaner, capable of removing the toughest substances, including:
  • Colloidal silica
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Diamond
  • Heavy cleaner residues
  • Salts
  • Fine particles
  • Water stains
  • Oils
  • Greases
  • Inks 
  • Polishing and buffing compounds
  • Fingerprints
  • Drawing compounds
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Pastes
  • Organic and inorganic residues
  • Adhesives

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

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