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March 28, 2013

SuperGreen® Eco-Friendly Liquid All-Purpose Biodegradable Non-Toxic Degreaser 

NuGenTec’s SuperGreen® line of eco-friendly industrial cleaners and all-purpose degreasers are specially formulated to removed dirt, grease, and oil. SuperGreen® products are highly effective, cost-efficient, non-hazardous, and biodegradable.

As defined under Sara 311, 312, and 313, these cleaning products contain no known hazardous materials and will not harm sewage-treatment microorganisms, making them safer for people and the environment.

SuperGreen® cleaners are a safer alternative to the more hazardous “traditional” cleaning products on the market. Your customers and you never have to sacrifice power again to be green.

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NuGenTec’s SuperGreen® products combine potent cleaning power with safe, environmentally-friendly formulations to give you green solutions for a variety of cleaning challenges.

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