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January 17, 2019

NuGenTec’s Heavy Duty, High Alkaline Cleaner has Zero VOCs - Perfect for Spray Cleaning and Tank Cleaning Applications.

Sometimes you need a heavy duty cleaner with high alkalinity, but that doesn't mean you need to risk the health and safety of your whole block.  Many heavy duty cleaners contain VOCs, which host a slew of health risks.  NuGenTec has developed AquaKlean STC-HT to tackle the toughest spray and tank cleaning jobs while using zero VOCs.  Read on to learn about VOCs and how AquaKlean STC-HT works.

What is a VOC?

VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) are molecules emitted as a gas from a solid or liquid and have harmful effects.  VOCs react with oxides of nitrogen in the presence of sunlight to create ground-level ozone, which is the main component of smog.  These precursors to ground-level ozone have far-ranging and long-lasting effects on human health and the environment.  

Additionally, short-term exposure to VOCs can present health risks such as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, in addition to headaches while long-term exposure can lead to cancer and permanent liver, kidney, or nervous system damage.  For these reasons, communities have concerns about the presence of VOCs in industries and NuGenTec has opted to formulate AquaKlean STC-HT without VOCs.

Why a High Alkaline, Low Foam Cleaner is Best for Spray and Tank Cleaning Operations. 

The toughest cleaning jobs require two things: the force of agitation and the cleaning power of hydroxide.  For high pressure spray applications, it is best to have low-foam cleaners, such as AquaKlean STC-HT, and avoid halting production to deal with the suds. In turn, when dealing with the toughest cleaning jobs, the high alkalinity of AquaKlean STC-HT provides the hydroxide ion content needed to attack the toughest, caked-on oils, greases, and soilants.

What Metals Can AquaKlean STC-HT Clean?

AquaKlean STC-HT contains a built-in flash rust inhibition package to prevent flash rust and protect indoor metals for up to 90 days.  To answer the question, what metals can AquaKlean STC-HT clean: if the metal is steel, stainless steel, cast iron, or magnesium, AquaKlean STC-HT is perfect.  If the metal contains aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, tin, or their alloys (brass, bronze, etc.), consider using AquaKlean SUS  - a powerful metal cleaner that is safe on all metals.

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