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January 10, 2019

How to Clean Aluminumaluminum

It can be difficult to clean aluminum safely.  Aluminum is an amphoteric metal, meaning that it will react with both acids and bases. If the cleaner is too acidic, the hydronium ions will attack the metal and if the cleaner is too basic, the hydroxide will attack. While acids and bases make great cleaners, it doesn’t matter how clean the aluminum is if its structural integrity is attenuated. This makes it all the more important to select a metal cleaner that is safe on all metals.

The Answer: How to Clean Aluminum

Researchers and Developers and NuGenTec sought the perfect aluminum cleaner and formulated  AquaKlean SUS.   AquaKlean SUS combines a mild alkalinity with a robust, built-in flash-rust and corrosion inhibition package to provide a perfect clean without subjecting aluminum to be compromised by corrosion.

AquaKlean SUS is the Drop-In Replacement for Brulin Formula 815 GD - Perfect for Aluminum Cleaning.  

NuGenTec’s AquaKlean SUS safely and effectively removes particulates and organics and is perfect for spray, ultrasonic, and immersion cleaning.  AquaKlean SUS is the replacement for Brulin Formula 815 GD. AquaKlean SUS is the perfect cleaner for industrial, space, and aerospace parts and components with all the cleaning power at a lower cost.

What Metals Does AquaKlean SUS Clean?

AquaKlean SUS is safe on all metals, including soft, amphoteric metals such as:
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum Alloys, such as Brass & Bronze

AquaKlean SUS can also clean non-metals, such as:
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Glass?

How is AquaKlean SUS Safe for Metal Cleaning, including Aluminum Cleaning?

AquaKlean SUS is only mildly alkaline, with a pH of 10.0.  When AquaKlean SUS is used as an aluminum cleaner, it provides a clear, low-foam microetch with built-in flash-rust and corrosion inhibition package.  AquaKlean SUS provides complete protection in heat treatment, annealing, or storage conditions.

What Can AquaKlean SUS Remove?

AquaKlean SUS uses a safe and synergistic solvent and surfactant blend to remove a wide array of organics and particulates, including:
  • Inks
  • Polishing and Buffing Compounds
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Fingerprints
  • Drawing Compounds
  • Metalworking Fluids

Why Switch to AquaKlean SUS?

NuGenTec formulated AquaKlean SUS to meet three standards that make it better than any other aluminum cleaner on the market, including Brulin Formula 815 GD.
  1. AquaKlean SUS is safe on aluminum and all metals.

After testing and re-testing corrosion inhibition and flash-rust protection methods, NuGenTec’s researchers found a combination of protective materials that shield metals.  This proprietary protection package has been built into AquaKlean SUS
  1. AquaKlean SUS costs less than other aluminum cleaners.

Instead of using a large volume of expensive materials, NuGenTec researchers work to cut costs by formulating cleaners that use complementary chemistries that work synergistically and allow smaller volumes of expensive materials to be used in formulations.  These savings are passed to the customer.
  1. AquaKlean SUS works better than other aluminum cleaners.

When NuGenTec researchers go the extra step to create synergistic, low-cost formulations, the synergy of solvents and surfactants creates a superior cleaner.  NuGenTec’s AquaKlean SUS poses a multi-faceted approach to cleaning metals: simultaneously lifting, attacking, solvating, and emulsifying organics and particulates while creating a protective barrier from flash-rust and corrosion - leaving nothing but a residue-free metal surface.

NuGenTec: Redefining Chemistry

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