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January 22, 2020


NuLube Punch Synthetic Metalworking Fluid Extends Stamping, Punching, Pressing, Tapping, and Drilling Tool Life 

Not all metalworking fluids are created equal. Many have dangerous additives or do not maintain adequate lubrication under pressure.  NuLube Punch is non-hazardous, contains no phenols or nitrates, and is designed with specialty, extreme pressure lubricants. NuLube Punch is an OIL-FREE, synthetic metalworking fluid which is perfectly suited to cool and lubricate a wide variety of metal cutting and machining operations including stamping, punching, pressing, tapping, and drilling. 

What are Metalworking Fluids?

Metalworking fluids, also known as cutting fluids, are used to cool and lubricate metals used in a wide variety of machining operations. The proper metalworking fluid will reduce the heat and friction between the cutting, stamping, punching, pressing, or drilling tool and the metal workpiece, which prevents burning and smoking while allowing work to continue more quickly and efficiently. Using the proper metalworking fluid will continuously remove chips and swarfs (small pieces of metal removed from the metal workpiece). Using the right metalworking fluid will increase tool life extensively.


NuLube Punch Synthetic Metalworking Fluid - Cost-Efficient and Built to Work

NuLube Punch is highly effective, cost efficient, biodegradable, and formulated for use in all misting operations for metalworking. NuLube Punch is formulated to work in high pressure conditions, where other lubricants will perform less optimally, thus ensuring tool life is extended, no matter the conditions. NuLube Punch critical properties are retained instead of smoking or evaporating away, ensuring that NuLube Punch will continue to protect metals against corrosion and provide cooling and lubrication where its needed the most. Additionally, NuLube punch is easily washed away with water, making metals ready for subsequent painting and plating operations on a residue-free surface. 

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