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January 4, 2019

The New Clean: FluoSolv® Ten-X Replaces Dangerous Solvents like nPB and TCE

FluoSolv® Ten-X is a non-flammable precision cleaning solvent that can act as a drop-in replacement for dangerous vapor degreasing solvents such as nPB (n-propyl bromide) and TCE (trichloroethylene). The chemistry of vapor degreasing solvents has steadily improved over time, with chemistries such as the FluoSolv® line of non-hazardous solvents, including FluoSolv® Ten-X, emerging as the safer choice for tough degreasing jobs.  Unfortunately, there are still unsafe materials in use, regularly, putting workers at risk of future health problems.

What is Vapor Degreasing?

Vapor degreasing is a cleaning method that involves heating a solvent until it boils and allowing the vapor to condense onto the metal that is being cleaned.  When the solvent condenses on the metal, an ideal solvent will solvate every molecule of soil from the surface, leaving a metal that is perfectly clean - this is a form of precision cleaning.  There are many options for vapor-degreasing solvents but, unfortunately, many of them have drawbacks such as toxicity, ozone-depletion potential, carcinogenicity, and reactivity. The FluoSolv® line of vapor degreasing solvents stands out from traditional, more dangerous, solvents in that they are non-hazardous and are not ozone-depleting chemicals.  

FluoSolv® Ten-X works particularly well in vapor degreasing because it is non-flammable, which is the result of FluoSolv® researchers’ and developers’ expert knowledge of azeotropic solvents.  To learn more about what azeotropes are and how they work, read our article, “What is an Azeotrope?

Is My Vapor Degreaser Going to Give Me Cancer?

If you’re using nPB, the answer is: maybe.  nPB, also known as 1-bromopropane or n-propyl bromide, became a popular vapor degreaser when TCE, TCA, and perchloroethylene became heavily regulated (read more about the hazards of these three chlorinated solvents in our post about parts washers).  Since then, the National Toxicity Program has deemed nPB “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”  With a statement like this from the widely-respected National Toxicity Program, forward-thinking companies have anticipated an increase in regulation for nPB and have sought safer alternatives.

How Does FluoSolv® Ten-X Work?

FluoSolv® Ten-X utilizes solvent blending technology that leverages the chemical solvency of the fluid as well as its physical properties such as high density, low surface tension and low viscosity for optimal performance.  Our research has shown that to clean metal surfaces in the shortest amount of time the solvent must flow extremely close to the surface to “catch & release” contaminants. FluoSolv® Ten-X has the following safety and cleaning characteristics:
  • Non-flammable & Non-Toxic
  • High Kb value provides excellent  solvency for tough to clean residues
  • Low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Low toxicity; high allowable exposure limit (AEL);
  • No ceiling on instantaneous exposure
  • Chemically stable; will not become acidic

NuGenTec®: Redefining Chemistry

If you are seeking healthier, more environmentally responsible, and less costly alternatives for your industrial processes, contact NuGenTec® today. Click here to learn more about FluoSolv® Ten-X.