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Super HD Truck Wash Powder 50lb pail

  • Super HD Truck Wash Powder 50lb pail
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  • Primary Application: Truck Washing
  • pH: 12.5
  • VOC: (g/L): 0
  • Foam: High foamer
  • NFPA: 2, 0, 0
  • Sizing: 50lb pail
  • Type: Cleaner
  • Safe to use on all surfaces. Designed for hand and brush washing and automatic and hand car/truck washes with many other applications from all-purpose cleaning to removal of grease, oils, dirt.
  • Protective equipment should be worn when using this product including rubber gloves and safety glasses or goggles. A rubber rain type suit should also be worn to prevent clothing from possible contamination.
  • NFPA: 1, 0, 0
  • Form: Powder
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